TT Armor vs. Antec 900 vs. XCLIO A380PLUS vs. TT Armor+MX

I am going to buy one of these cases in the next day or 2. The price isn't a real issue, since I plan to reuse the case for many years. Please help me select the best one. Which would you buy and why?

Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS

Thermaltake Armor+MX VH8000BWS
The TT Armor+MX physically looks the best to me, however, I wish it had more fans...

Antec Nine Hundred

XCLIO A380PLUS-BK($120):
The case fans on this case are crazy
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  1. I'm waiting for Antec 1200 to come out...:)
  2. Already came out son. Check newegg.
  3. I hate the fiddly doors that TT puts on their cases.

    I like my Antec 900. It's a relatively low tech design (not tooless, no removeable motherboard tray) optimized for good cooling. It's pretty quiet with the fans on Low.
  4. Antec 1200

    The Xclio looks more like a gimmick than a case, the front fan air path is blocked by the hard drive cage.

    Of the thermatake' I like the VA8003BWS the most, it just looks like it has a better internal configuration.

    Antec 900 got one, good amount of room, great heat management.

    The reviews I have seen of the Antec 1200, thats my next case, maybe when I can get it for $150 delivered. Like the deal I got from on my Antec 900, $78 delivered, no stinking mail in rebates.

    I say if you want a great case and you don't care what it costs. Get the Antec 1200.
  5. well right now i like Antec 1200 and Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS - the most....but i can get the TT armor for $120...The Antec 1200 is $210....huge % premium (>.<) ...only if it was like $150....
  6. I personally own (and use) the Armor 8003 with the 25 cm side fan. Let me tell it does wonder with my Big Typhoon fan to cool down my E6600 @3.0GHz. It never get's higher then 42C under 100% load.

    I gotta say that the other TT case doesn't look half-bad neither.

    I'd forget about the 900, you might get some cabling problems with some PSU. You need really long cable to reach everything I've heard, All because the PSU is at the bottom.
  7. Cm690 definitely.

    That or the full tower armor.

    The xclio is a gimmick, not enough exhaust.

    Antec 900 is overrated. The cm-690 or TT armor will outcool it with all fans added.
  8. i think ill just buy the Armor TT with the rebate...$120 vs the normal $170-180 sounds good to me...
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