What Vcore is too high if your Temps are good?

Hello everyone,

I got an e8400 C0 stepping which needs quite some amount of voltages to stay stable under prime95 12+ at 4 GHZ. (9*445).

Voltage is set at 1.5 in the Bios which is really 1.476 Idle and 1.440 Full load when Vdroop hits. Idle temps are 33 C for Core 0 and 31 C for Core 1. Full load, after 6 hours of Prime95 small FFTs, 60 C on both cores.

I know the temps are fine but i want to know if this Vcore can damage the CPU in the Short to Mid-Range term. Thanks for your inputs.
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  1. What are you using for temp monitoring?
  2. Realtemp, which is the recommended temp monitoring tool for wolfdales.
  3. Anyone has an answer on that?
  4. With the die shrink to 45nm, the voltage tolerances went down. I believe the max for your chip is 1.35 or 1.36 in cpuz. I would back the voltage down if I were you, unless you want to replace it in a year or two.
  5. You know…. I have always been under the impressions that as long as that baby is cool your fine. I mean ultimately is it the Vcore or the heat that kills the CPU?
    I for one don’t run Vcore over 1.4 but my temps are insane by then!

  6. grieve said:
    You know…. I have always been under the impressions that as long as that baby is cool your fine. I mean ultimately is it the Vcore or the heat that kills the CPU?
    I for one don’t run Vcore over 1.4 but my temps are insane by then!


    I think the claim is that high Vcore levels causes microscopic depredation to the internal portions of the processing unit itself. The higher the Vcore, the faster the CPU degrades. Of course there's arguments as to whether that truly affects the typical PC gamer, since most folks replace their CPU every year or two.

    Considering Retail boxed CPUs have a 3 year warranty in most cases, Intel and AMD of course will want to keep somewhat conservative numbers to make sure they aren't having to replace your CPU inside that 3 years.
  7. VERY nice temps

    what cooler are you using?

    you could get some insane overclocks (try like almost 5 ghz) w/ that voltage

    as long as you maintain great temps you'll probably be ok... but you won't be able to keep our chip very long as it will wear out a lot quicker

    Also to answer your question, 3.0 volts is too high for any temperature :)
  8. I have my e8400 @1.56v. It is one of the first e8400's (I bought it 2 days after release) and it will not OC unless the vcore is at least 1.45v and to get it to 3.6ghz it took the 1.56v I mentioned above.

    I don't expect the cpu to last that long and at this point I am looking forward to it dieing. Unfortunately it has shown no signs of problems. I have been a bit paranoid because of the vcore so I run p95 at least 1 x per month.

    Core temps:
    idle: 28,32
    max: 8+ hours prime95 w/small fft's = 58C
  9. Ok guys, i settled down a bit. 3.916 GHZ with Vcore 1.42 idle. 1.392 Full load. Primed for 24 hours small FFTs. Stable with max temps of 56 C.

    I will keep it has it is, even though i like the 4.0 number, i know there is no performance gain whatsoever and i want to keep it for at least another 2.5 years.

    Cheers to everyone and thanks for your help. It's much appreciated.

    Also the cooler is the cooler that came with XPS 630i, which is awesome. It looks a bit like the Xigmatech 1283 but with the Fan in the middle of the heatsink, a bit like some Asus Heatsinks.
  10. If you want to keep the CPU that long, drop the voltage fast! You're still over the "absolute maximum voltage" Intel says *will* (not *may*) cause damage to the CPU.
    The rate of damage is increased both by increased voltage and by increased temp, so just keeping it cool will not prevent damage.
  11. 1.392 is WAY over recommended voltages? I really doubt that.
  12. In my first post I pointed out that max voltage is 1.36. You ask a question and people answered it, now it's up to you. If you run over max rated voltage you will damage your chip, how fast exactly is unknown. I'm betting that at 1.392, you wont kill it in a year, but don't expect it to last for the 3 year warranty period and beyond.
  13. if you are keeping it for 2 years id say keep the vcore below 1.4, im running mine at 1.61 for 4.6ghz, and it hasnt shown any sign of degradation in the last 3 months.
  14. Tell us when it dies please. By the way, after all the readings and advices i set back to 3.825 and 1.344 Vcore. 1.3 V for Termination Voltage and 1.4 for North Bridge. When i know i'm going to change the CPU in about 6 months, i'll up the frequency and voltages. Thanks everyone. I'm just sorry i have a C0 stepping.
  15. Richardscott, your running a 45nm chip with 1.61 vcore? LOL. Is that CPUz or bios?
  16. yea im replaceing it for a e8600 in the next few weeks, with 1.34 vcore it should last for ages.
  17. Well it is a nice experiment anyways...let us know how long it last at that voltage.

    Good reasoning on that Huttfuzz. When I'm around 6 months to a year away from an ungrade I'm going to abuse the crap out of my chip.
  18. Yeah, i think it's the way to go.
  19. erm its 1.608 in cpuz snd 1.6325 in bios, i can oc anymore cos mobo only goes upto 1.7v and that only gets me to 4.7 :P volt mod mabee lol. oh and its on a ss phase change to keep temps down.
  20. yea sorry my edit dont work :P im only abuseing it cos like you said im swaping it out in a few weeks, anyone want a e8400 only a mild oc on it lol.
  21. mmm phase change
  22. mmm money well spent :D
  23. haha, I need to get my hands on one of those puppies
  24. they are good but new they cost £500+ i only paid £100 for a second hand one :D
  25. That's why I don't have one, can't justify the 800USD it would cost me.
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