Windows xp sound after few minutes...!

hello guys..
i am a computer technician..and i have been facing a wierd problem since last few months some of the cybercafes where i install a fresh copy of windows xp...people complaint that after a few minutes (say 20-30 mins) sound on some computers stop working....and if you restart the affected computer..everything works just fine and then again after sometime sound goes off......when i go to control panel and check sound properties...the slider to adjust volume seems "dim" and you cannot slide it....
and the volume icon in the taskbar also disappears...

another thing that i have noticed is an error regarding "svchost.exe".......and my taskbar also turns to classic style..whenever this problem occours....

i dont know if it is a problem with the drivers....operating system......or what..?

someone please guide me...!

thank you..!
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  1. When the sound quits, go to the control panel-->sounds and audio devices-->audio tab-->is there a device selected for the Sound Playback Device? If not, can you pick one from the drop down box?

    If not, you may need to reinstall the audio device.
  2. all right....what i see there.(in control panel under sound devices) is.."no sound devices installed.."...but when i check my sound card drivers in device manager..everything seems to be fine... !
  3. What do you have listed under sound, video and game controllers in the device manager?
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