S2915 Thunder Rev1.0 Pre/Post Booting Issue

Gday Gday ,

We recently put together four tyan rigs ;

2x Amd Opteron Quad Core 2356 Socket F 1207
Tyan S2915 Thunder (n6650W) boards
4x ATP 4GB DDR2-667 ECC RAM (samsung chips)
1x Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W PSU ( EPS12V v2.91 and ATX12V standard)

Have tried 2 of ATI RV630 HD 2600 pciE card
and Leadtek winfast PX8800gts pciE card
and Gigabyte GV-RX30HM256DP-RH pciE card

Chenbro Black 3U 19” Rack-mount Chassis for ATX/EATX

Have plugged in the required EPS12V 24pin + 8pin + 4pin power plugs for mainboard and pciE (8800gts) only

CPU's seem to be installed correctly.
Haven''t got any SATA or pciE nics or cdrom's plugged in

Have read the mainboard book for ddr2 ram installation.
Have tried single and dual ram setup's in
DIMM1 + DIMM2 and DIMM2 + DIMM3 (this is on the mainboard
and in the book it shows as DIMM 0 + 1 + 2 + 3)

Basically i can sometimes get a PRE BIOS post of the video card's
but after that the screen goes blank.

I do get one Short hi-pitched beep with ram in One Bank (DIMM) of ram

One long beep and one short beep with Two Bank's DIMM 2and3 OR DIMM 1and2
No other beep's and that's it

*Have tried different ram, different banks + reseating, 4 different video cards
mentioned, checked all the plugs, different power supply.
Have tried video cards in pciE 8x and pci16x slots
Plus tried PS2 and USB Keyboards, but get error No keyboard

Read the mainboard manual and the online one back to front

Can't think of anything else to check or do

Been building comps/servers for quite some years and checked stuff
inside and outside and got two others 2 check also.

Any help or assistance would be great,

Thanking you

Paul - UTBox
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  1. After speaking to various people, it is clear that the opteron 2356 cpu is not supported
    with the old bios firmware version


    Contacted the vendor who spoke to TYAN and it is a bios/cpu support issue because its version 1.0

    It's getting sent back so they do the bios firmware upgrade to version 2.0 and test
    thanks very much for your help

    if anyone else gets the opteron 2356 or the tyan s2915 thunder n6650w, check the cpu support before purchasing


    paul - utbox
  2. It is a B2 Opteron problem, I have the same board...
  3. Hi,
    I have just bought the same board:

    Tyan S2915 Thunder (n6650W) board and two Opteron 8216 (OSA8216AA6cy)which in theory are supported.

    (My old Tyan Thunder K8W works fine with these two Opteron 8216)

    My problems with the S2915 board are:

    1) Where is the pin header to take the pin for Speaker? Without it, I can't hear any beep to guide me through the POST process. I can't seem to find it in the manual.

    2) The board does not POST, but everthing else seems ok, checked and re-checked again, including clearing CMOS, etc.

    3) Is there any way of finding out what BIOS version the board has (when it desn't even POST)?


    S Lee
  4. Tyan S2915 Thunder (n6650W)

    There are numerous articles about upgrading the processor/s
    from what i have read there is an E version and a non E version of this board. The non E version does not officially appear to support processors with more than 2 cores
    has anyone got the non E version working with more than 2 cores ? I have this board and looking to boost performance.

    Currently using 1 x 2 core processor running at 2.4GHZ.

    If it can be done has anyone experienced any significant performance increases. I've heard than performance improvements are not that great.

    If this is the case may just go with 2 x 2 core processors instead.

    Kind Regards...
  5. I am wondering the same thing. I have a non-E version.

    On ebay there was a recent sale that indicated a non-E actually had a pair of working quad core cpus installed.

    Have not not had a chance to follow up on this yet., But either way I would like to find out the possibility.
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