Why does my monitor screen suddenly shrink

Everyday my screen starts off normal size then suddenly shrinks? sometimes the system restarts itself or just freezes and hangs. What can I do to resolve this?
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  1. You have several issues here, the monitor issue, are you using a CRT or an LCD?

    The major issue is the computer. Best thing to do is to re-install Vista, your setup is probably filled up with years of spyware, add-ones, toolbars, etc...

    Backup your files to an external drive, including Favorites, Desktop items, etc... and re-install the system using the restore disks. You will need to re-install your applications after that.
  2. Thanks hang-the-9, this sounds a big job - is it worth reinstalling Vista due to the fact that Vista is obsolete? should I just completely wipe the system and install Windows 7?

    My monitor is LCD
  3. If you don't mind spending the money on the Windows 7 disk (you can use an upgrade disk) and your system has Windows 7 drivers, feel free to install that.

    What I recommend is that you get a second new hard-drive, install the new Windows on that, and keep your original drive with your files as a backup. Just copy your files over to the new setup in your new My Documents folder. That way you are not risking losing anything, and have a backup drive.
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