How to over clock AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 939 socket

The specs tell me this should give me 2.0 ghz or better but I'm only getting about 1800 MHZ out of it. If I run 2 gigs of ram will it increase. I need 2.00 ghz to run certain games. What can I get out of this and how can I speed it up.
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  1. well first the 939 socket of the 3000 is only 1.8 not 2.0 the 754 socket 3000 is 2.0. if you run more ram you will not increase your cpu speed. in order to speed it up you need to overclock it. in which the socket 939 is very hard to do. i was only able to take my 3200 2.0ghz to 2.34 ghz. i would personally upgrade if i were you. usually a 1.8 ghz amd is good for any game.
  2. You'll need to upgrade, If you want AMD I would suggest something in the AM2 socket, I'm not sure about a specific processor or board.

    If you don't mind Intel I would recommend Intel, something like a E2180 with a P35/45 motherboard.
  3. I'm currently using the same cpu as yours, amd 64 3000+ socket 939 at default speed (1.8ghz).

    I used to overclocked it to 2.4ghz (like 3 or 4 years ago). It was running at that speed for around a year or so until I noticed my computer kept getting restarted by itself (apparently due to summer heat). Since then I run the default speed again until now.

    If you need to overclock, all you do is increase the FSB in the bios, may need to adjust the voltage as you increase the FSB.

    Fyi, for whatever reason I can't seems to overclock anymore. It just failed to boot, but fine with default speed.
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