OCZ protest - 12 days to send in a rebate? Calling for 21 day minimum

Ok guys i build systems and you may see my pics on how THG!

TO: OCZ Author Nap

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ok, i am starting an OCZ protest thread - why 12 day rebates.

lets face it there is not much money building computers and little rebates coming in the mail each week equal a vacation for the family. i post one later!

The Beef: 12 days from date of purchase for a rebate is really short - in my case i ordered on the 27th of may a Friday the items ship on Monday and i got them in about 7 days leaving 5 days to test and mail the rebate.

The story: I tested them in less then 2 days from getting and it takes 2 days to test - and while the wife is filling it in we realize it must be mailed on sunday!

Conclusion: I am calling for a 21 day minimum on rebates and thing shorter is a scam and they may as well make it 1 min or 12 mins instead of 12 days!


i am emailing this thread to ocz and sending the memory back and getting corsair.

i rotate memory suppliers patriot, ocz, super tallent, corsair, mushkin are the main ones - i buy over 100 sets a year - i hope ocz gets my point! While I am what i call a "microbuilder" - join my protest!

fired gskill, adata, many other not as good

patriot is a good value
ocz is very consistent and when i sale a good deal
corsair is usually over priced but the quality has slipped with prices so low
super talent 4-4-3-10 ddr800 (main memory) for much of 07

super talent ddr3 1600 is very pushable, patriot is cheaper but its not as fast or flexible for tuning and oc

ocz just came out wil flex ii and i was using for water cooled systems NOT NOW OCZ!

YOU JUST LOST $620 ORDER FOR 4 STICKS (2 SETS ) OF DDR3 - I BOUGHT THESE DDR2 TO TEST THE WATER COOLING ONLY! I am using super talent instead its half the price!

forgot the 30 bucks this is war! ok protest! do not buy ocz memory until they change the 12 day rebate to 21 days!

ps: ocz is really good about sending rebates you get them and they send them fast - but still!
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  1. Dear Aurthur

    I am emaing you about the rebate period "a 12 day rebate period is a scam!" I ordered on the 27th get the item the 3rd test the 5th finsihing testing on the 8th. Guess what no time for a rebate you only have 12 days!

    no rebate! why? 12 days to send in rebate

    21 day mandatory rebate minumum === 21dmrm

    SOLUTION: I AM CALLING FOR A 21 DAY VOLANTARY MINMUM ON REBATED PERIODS. 21DMRM For all computer parts and all computer manufactures. Memroy is not getting a rebate on a cable or some food it takes time to test!

    ok here is my answer:


    Your RMA number is: 23628967

    Thank you for requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Newegg.com. Please print this page and enclose it with your return.

    This RMA number is valid for 14 days only. It will expire on 6/23/2008 12:16:35 AM.

    Please remember to print the included shipping label and firmly tape or paste it to the outside of the shipping box. It is essential to attach the label to have your RMA processed in a timely manner. Failure to tape or paste the return-shipping label to the shipping box may result in a 3-5 day processing delay.

    Customer Name:

    Customer Number: xxxxxxxxx
    E-mail Address: xxxxxxxxx
    Address: xxxxxxxxxx
    N82E16820227299 Unsatisfied - Retail (Quantity:1) RMAReason: Unsatisfied

    Type of RMA: RMA Refund
    Restocking Fee: $23.25
    Newegg.com will ship replacement back to you via: UPS 3 DAYS
    (*Please note that if you have an APO/FPO address, your replacement will ship via the USPS)

    Customer comment: Ok i be honest i am protesting a 12day rebate! 12 days! from date of purchase? how are you supposed to test something in a couple days? i never heard of 12 day rebate period - 15 days is bad enough! why not make it 1 min? then you can call it rebate but nobody can get it - as far as i am concerned 12 days is insufficient and is deceptive. the 12thday is sunday how do i post mark that? the 11th day is saturday! the 10 day the item had on been here for couple days.



    Cut along dotted line and firmly tape or paste the shipping label below to outside of shipping box.
  2. the whole point of a MIR is to not have people mail it in. and if they do, sit on for as long a possible.

    I like when they send you back a letter saying that you didn't send in the reciept, when you did.

    these rebate companys advertise thier rebate rejection rate.
    its all a scam. I figure a rebate is worth half of its value when determining what to buy.
  3. you cant return something once the pop hasbeen removed
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