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Hey, I built my desktop about a year ago and I'm looking for something to do. I was curious about installing a solid state drive; however , I cant afford one with tons of capacity so I was wondering is there anything special I need to do to make both solid state and old Hdd working at the same time ?
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  1. SSD still uses SATA(some also PATA) so nothing special there. They work along side HDD on the same controller just fine.
    60GB is plenty for OS+app+3games. And your data goes on HDD of course.
  2. I built a desktop PC with a SSD from OCZ Apex 64gb and a Samsung 500Gb HD. The OCZ acts as the startup drive and the Samsung holds all the data. The startup time has improved and the startup of apps is a bit better. The noise level has dropped drastically, also the Samsung is much quieter, I think that it is being accessed less and the therefore does make nearly any noise anymore. On the downside the write times of the OCZ are not great. When installing apps it is even slow, slower than a HD. Also when you write to the OCZ I have found that having Norton NIS 2009 slows it down even further. I read on the internet that this has to do with Norton checking everything that is being written to the OCZ (any HD as a matter of fact). Basically if you are worried about noise and want to pay the cash you should do it. If you expect performance improvement, I would not do it. Having said that I am considering upgrading to the Intel X25E as I have read that that does have good write characteristics.
  3. Nothing to do on the hardware side, but there are things to do on the software side:

    According to testing by roadrunner,me,and many others the OCZ optimizations really benefit. Esp. when it comes to write performance,stuttering,etc.
  4. Thank you very much for all of your responses, Shadow I read a bit of information from the OCZ forum and will defiantly use it when I actually order the SSD.

    Surfer mentioned the write speeds are kind of slow and that performance wise there is little gain, Is this true ?
  5. Ewwenchiladas said:
    Surfer mentioned the write speeds are kind of slow and that performance wise there is little gain, Is this true ?

    That only applies to JMF602 controller based SSDs like the OCZ Apex. Problematic/slow with small random writes (~4KB) which Windows and a few apps. does a lot.
    See this for detail.
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