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hey guys, been wanting to build a decent computer, nothing super awesome, just good enough to play some wow because it sucks on the wifes laptop for the next few months. i really like this case

and would like to use ati cards with amd, but the cards that work with hybrid crossfire suck...but then again, nothing really fancy, it will get hot in that case. plus, there is a page that this dude spent MONTHS on moding his case, check it out here, its fantastic...long read, lots of pics, makes you cry in the end...its be-you-ti-ful!!!

but i was thinking about a 780g or the 740g. only really need pc6400 to work, but will be buying pc1066 for my next build later on, with a new 9850 be phenom. thanks for the help, inputs are always welcome. if you can build and quote parts with intel and 9600gt for under 650 (not including os or the case) i would appreciate it.
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    does this have good enough graphics for some fps like cod4 set to decent? i could toss a 9600gt in there, or a 3850 and not worry i guess.
  2. or this one? i plan on a wolfdale (if i can get one) or the 6550 conroe if i go with intel, otherwise its a 5000+ x2 be.
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