monitor turns off with 8800 gt after some gaming

i have 8800 gt 512 mb card
till last month the card worked fine could play anything and the temperatures were used to be near 80-85 deg cel range...
from last week whenever i play any game like doom 3 (in ultra setting 1152x864) or medal of honour arbourne or rainbow six vegas the monitor turns off after some time of gameplay.....
i checked the temerature which was same as before 80-85 range ....
this didnt use to happen earlier while playing any game ....
is the card gone????

my sys specs are
intel p 4 3 gig processor
intel 915 gav mb
2 gb ram
400 w power supply
160 gig hdd
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  1. Lets start with this... you should troubleshoot the following

    Swap power supplies first
    Swap video cards next

    Between the two you should find the culprit.
  2. could my power supply be mal functioning...
    how much watts power should be good for my rig
  3. Well correct me if I'm wrong but here is what I see.

    You have a computer that is about 4~5 years old. You upgraded the video card. Now your video card cuts out after playing for a bit?

    That right?

    Your power supply is just too old, from the 400w starting max load and factor in capacitor aging and the amount of hours on it... i would say that there is a high likely hood of your power supply just not being able to supply the power necessary.
  4. okie will check out the power supply and replace it iwth a 500 w and see..
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