Need help about overclocking on P4S800D-X

Hi guys

i overclocked my brothers cpu from 2.8 to 3.0 and want to get up to 3.2 but i get reset after 2 minutes (i can't change vcore voltage and etc because there is no option to do that) ... i get 36-41c without touching pc and 100% cpu usage i get 49c ... i'm sure i can get to 3.2 without any problem ... the cpu cooled by the stock fan ...

this is his system specs:
Asus P4S800D-X
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Northwood
Enermax EG365AX-VE 350 watt
4x256 DDR SDRAM [2 of them PC3200 (200 Mhz) and other 2 are PC2700 (166 Mhz)]
Leadtek WinFast GeForce A7600GT TDH 256MB

here's some pictures from BIOS (click on pictures to enlarge):

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  1. try pulling the 2 slower rams.. you might get more that way.

    and SIS based boards (which I believe the p4s800 is) where not known to be the best overclockers.
  2. but 512mb's is bad ... is ther any other way ?..
  3. someone ?..
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