Test RAID 1 on non hot-pluggable sata hard disks


I need some advice on how I can test RAID 1 on non hot-pluggable hard disks. My goal is to simulate a drive failure.

Also, during the rebuilding, after I install new drive, I also want to force the power off. Is this too risky? My goal is to make sure that on next boot, that rebuilding will be smart enough to start at correct point.

My last test I did, the freaking "good drive", did not boot anymore.

I'm doing these tests with Red Hat Enterprise 5.3, WD SATA 500Gb drives, Adaptec Storage Manager, ICR7 Intel RAID chip set.

Lastly, what risks do you guys see if I remove / disconnect sata cable from 1 SATA drive while system is up & running? Is there risk I can short the board?

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  1. Sure just pull the cable while writing to the device, then make checksums of the files, then shutdown, reconnect the cable and power on again. After rebuilding, check if the checksums still correspond. If they do, you have no corruption issues and the rebuild worked fine.
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