8x vs 9x???

(Happy NEW YEAR!)

I'm wondering if it is better to OC at the 8x or 9x multiplier?
Meaning, its it better to have a lower FSB and a higer multiplier or a higher FSB and a lower multiplier??

I am overclocking now, but I don't think I have my system setup correctly, or at the very least, optimized.
My cpu vcore is too high @ 1.456.

I have DDR2-9600 RAM, so would it stress the CPU more to set the FSB higher and set the CPU multiplier to 8x??

Also, how do I change the FSB:DRAM strap on a gigabyte board??
It is auto set to 5:8.
And, i didn't get into setting the timings manually as well, they are currently listed below (according to cpuz).

Gigabyte X48-DQ6 (f6 bios)
Core2duo Conroe E6850 (stock 9x333=3.0, currently 9x397=3.573)
RAM = ddr2-9600 (1200) 4x1gb OCZ REAPER HPC edition
current AUTO memory settings:
DRAM Frequency = 587.2
FSB:DRAM = 5:8
timings: 5-8-8-27
CASE - Thermaltake ARMOR w/6 case fans + pci slot cooler + cpu
VIDEO = ATI HD 4870 ddr5 w/1024 mem (catalyst 8.12 for vista64)
cooler (hyper master)
PSU - Silverstone DA850 watt (66a single rail)
HDD - 2x 500gb sata2 seagate 32mb cache (I have this set to IDE, not AHCI/RAID incorrectly, fyi)
O/S -= VISTA 64 bit business

thanks for any help!
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  1. lower FSB and a higer multiplier ...Cos this will keep the temps in check....
  2. Higher FSB, lower multi, it will make better use of your ram.
  3. Temps are no different on the Core 2's (i7's, maybe.) depending on the FSB or multi.. its purely voltage and clock speed.

    from a performance and benching perspective, Higher FSB and a lower multi will give you better performance, as this is making the pathway between CPU/NB/RAM faster, and also vastly increasing the speed of the data when it hits the RAM. don't forget you can also use the RAM dividers to get a higher RAM frequency though.
  4. The problem is, my bios doesn't give me options to set a 1:1 fsb:dram, so I am kinda lost on how to do this with my board.

    It gives me a SYSTEM MEMORY settings for FSB:DRAM strapping:
    but it gives numbers like 2.00a, 2.66b, etc... should I set it to 2.0D?

    Also, what would you recommend my RAM timings be?
    At the moment, I'm only getting 600 mhz bus from 1200 mhz bus ram.

    My 3dMark score kinda sucks for such a powerfull rig @ 14000 as well.
  5. powerful rig? what graphics card?
  6. ATI HD 4870 (ddr5 1024mem) with clocks running at 840 and 1030.

    My new comp is not running NASA or beating people at chess computer, but its much better than my Pentium D 820, ati 1900gt, 2gb 667 mem, intel 945 mobo, etc...

    And the 3dmark scores are not very much better....
    I feel like I am not getting the most out of this hog.

    Right now I set my SYSTEM MEMORY MULTIPLIER to 2.0D.
    I'm running at 420 x 8 (3.36) with my memory running at a 1:1 strap @ 420mhz with timings of 5-6-6-19.

    How can I get my RAM to run at 1200, or at least 1066mhz without running my Frontside Bus too high (even now my FSB is showing 1680, which is over the CPU's bus limit of 1333...).

    Vcore automatically goes to 1.456v for the CPU for some reason know matter how little or more I overclock.

    Should I manually set my CPU core so that it runs at a lower vcore??

    Thanks for everyone's help...
    would love to get this fine tuned (memory clock speeds @ 1066) and optimized so I get the most of this system.
    I don't really need to be overclocked, as much as I want it to run as fast a it possibly should with current hardware...
  7. On gigabyte MB to get into the memory settings in the BIOS you need to press "ctrl-F1" , there you should have more options for the memory settings.
  8. Hi i also have a gigabyte board (EP35C-DS3R)

    I was also looking the same thing , on my system i have this,

    Graphics card 8800GTS 640MB-

    Physics card AgeliaTech 128MB-

    8GB 1066 Kingston HiperX RAM-

    Processor: INTEL E4600 (2.40GhZ)-

    And cooler master ATX tower case Nvidia Edition+PSU @ 480W (SLI-READY)

    Now in the gigabyte bios i understand it (ctrl+f1 Version) FA (4) Bios

    Now my memory is only @ 800 MHZ @ 2.0V , i would like my memory running @ 1066 MHZ, how can i do this correctly, even if im overclocking my cpu , my ppu+gpu unti are already software overclocked so this then should help me as GTA5 For windows sucks up juice!
  9. instead of running it at 1:1 strap run it at 1.25 or 1.33 or 1.50 or whatever. that lets your ram run faster than the fsb without increasing it. a bit like the CPU multiplier.
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