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I have a Windows 7 pc. My old one was running xp. I have a Seagate external HD that was hooked up to the old pc, and now to the new one.

When I access the external now and attempt to delete folders, or maybe add something to a text file and save, I'm basically told I can't.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that most of these files and folders were created when I had my xp machine? Have tried to go into permissions and make changes, but don't really know which ones I need to make to fix this. Everything I try yields the same result...NO-CAN-DO BUDDY! This is my computer and these are my files...Please help if you can. Thanks.

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  1. The best change to try in Permissions is to click the Owner tab and take ownership of a folder, ticking to include sub-folders as well. That should work even if XP had a passworded account but applying the changes may take some time.

  2. go into the root of the drive (thats the directory at the top of the drive)

    hold controll and press a

    this will select all the folders and fileso n the drive

    right click on one of the files/folders and select properties and untick "read only"

    click on apply then when it asks you select apply to all sub folders

    if this dosnt work you may have to copy all the files over to your pc then format the hdd then transfer files back onto it
  3. Thanks to everyone for the help. Problem solved!
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