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I certainly hope I'm in the right place - noob here. If not, please direct me on the right path. I'm kinda new to this whole computer thing, but recently bought an Acer Aspire 5460 and connected it to my old Sceptre monitor via VGA. Everything fine. But I noticed the CPU has an HDMI connector, so I connected it to the DVI connection on the monitor. Correct cable (DVI/HDMI). But can't get a signal. What am I doing wrong? Any info greatly appreciated.
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  1. With those type of monitor it is probably capable of supporting multiple signals (much like a HDTV) so on your monitor you may want to check if there is a button to select a signal.

    For instance, the monitors at work are Dell and have 2 DVI inputs and there is a button on the front panel that allows you to select the signal. So it can support 2 signal inputs.

    Also what type of computer is yours? Is it a laptop or desktop?
  2. hdmi is for pros! that is they are new and issues come up

    can be driver issues etc

    stick with DVI there is no advangte to hdmi other then sound
  3. There are no buttons on the monitor other than the Function(VEGA, DVI, SV,TV, AV, and Comp), Volume, and Power buttons. There is also no DVI connection on the CPU (just the HDMI).
  4. You might have to enable the HDMI output via BIOS. They are usually set to "Disabled" as default.

    Go into BIOS and look for Video options, and see if there is an option to turn on HDMI.
  5. if i had the option, unless i was connecting to a TV, i would choose to use a DVI connection, it is essentially. they are both Digi Signal. all HDMI does is alow for audio to pass through in a usb style connector.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It is a desktop, and the monitor's input is a DVI-D.
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  8. So the thing is have you tried enabling the HDMI connection in BIOS?

    If so then look at the display drivers and see what your options are from there.

    When you say "CPU", assume you mean motherboard, as no CPU has any connection to it other than the socket it rides on.

    What MOBO is it?
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