had asus P4t now have Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R and hate it...

earlier ran asus p4t Mb with p4 1.7 ghz.
Had 1 gb RDram with a simple graphics card..
LOVED it. had it for 8 years.
Cud open over 30 browser windows and still listen to music, or edit photos...

had to upgrade as we all do.
Got the E6600 with the gigabyte P35 DS3R 775R ( newegg)
8800 gts card , 2 gb ram, seasonic 650w powersupply... etc

First the fan gave problems, still takes time to start..
then if i opened say 10-12 explorer windows it crashes and re-starts.
on shut down it re-starts automatically.

Anyway just sold the PC to some kids who needed a basic machine to learn on...
But have a choice of keeping the MB.

And i got myself the Q6600. no idea why have just done.... so

Now either get rid of the gigabyte, as am getting a decent price for the pc put in abit and get say the asus P5K mb...

the abit ix38 quadgt is being recommended but is almost (little less than) double the cost.... is it worth it...

I can either keep the gigabyte as i believe it runs well with the coe 2 quads but i always rated and also because of my previous mb of asus being so stable can dump the gigabyte and get asus.

i do a little photo editing, love to open tons of windows do 10 things at the same time...

Please advice...
I am not much into heavy gaming, nor do i over clock ( dont know what diff it makes if something is 3.1 ghz or 2.6 ghz... no offence...) My RDram really spoilt me....
Just looking for a solid/stable MB..

Am writing from india, MBs available are... intel, Asus, MSI, Abit.
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  1. Did you test any of your other components before deciding that the MB was at fault?

    did you test the memory with Memtest? <--the crashes with multiple windows point to bad RAM or possibly a videocard issue.

    did you test the HDD?

    did you do a fresh install of your OS, or did you just move the HDD over to the new machine as is? <--you should really do a fresh install.
  3. Duh!
  4. The part between the chair and the keyboard needs replaced.
  5. ^

    Sorry I had to do it :lol:
  6. Cud is a word, its the stuff cows barf up and then re-chew. (btw, this is what makes an animal clean for jews, has to do this and have a cloven hoof. Thats how I knew what cud is.) I'm not sure I would have pointed out his spelling problems, he did say he's from another country...

    That said, I don't see from what he posted that its the motherboard. I agree with the others, there is no way to know that it wasn't an incorrect bios setting, or faulty xxx.... Many people use the DS3R, its a fine board.

    My advice for the OP is to go to a store and buy a new PC. Make sure you get a good warranty so you can take it back as often as you need to. I don't suggest you build one.
  7. If you know not what you are doing get an Intel and set it to the default settings in bios.

    If the fan is on the MB, even the most expensive MB uses the cheapest fans, buy after market, Thermaltake has a great fan pipe combo.

    When you try to troubleshoot a computer system use the toms sticky, got questions ask.

    I know this guy, he's the one I get when I call Compaq tech support and get the call center in Bangalore, he calls him self Tommy.
  8. I'd take Gigabyte over Asus as well. 90$ for a damn good motherboard from Gigabyte, I'm sold! It has never let me down, and it was easy to install as my first ever build, I've been reading for years before my first build.
  9. :kaola:
    man , i did ruffle some feathers....
    firstly, cud was a short form for Could,
    coming from people whose entire life revolves around abbreveations...

    Anyway great to see people concerned about english being written correctly.

    Yes, i did check the bios, i lso tested ALL other components ( bought everything except the Powersupply) from Newegg, when i visited the US last...
    I did the memory test which included the Video card as well as the RAM, as well tests for HDD...

    Now unless the components cant take the air pressure when i flew back... it turns out, the mother board has had a manufacturing defect ever since i bought it. Some problem which the tech guy is trying to fix and trying to get me warranty in india... the FAN was Faulty too .... needs replacement...so much for newegg recommendations...

    As for replacing the part between the chair and the computer.... WOW!!!! U so witty....

    Asus ready to shut down .... hmmmmm i can guess where you get your info from....

    Just that i got ove gaming when P3s were still in fashion doesnt mean a simple post gets people offended amongst other things...

    Anyway apologise for getting you angry and honoured to have got all your frustrations out.

    Still gonna have the audacity to ask, is the Asus P5K a stable mother board . How would you compare it to a "functional gigabyte p35 ds3r"

  10. Your post received the response it did because it was almost incoherent. Abit, not Asus, is the manufacturer whose future is in doubt. The P5K is a reliable basic board, although not quite up to the standard of the EP35-DS3R. Given your requirements, it is more than adequate for your purpose.
  11. Also give the generally $hitty conditions of the eletrical service in India please tell me you have a UPS of decent quality.
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