Have a Problem, is it Monitor or Computer?

So for the past two days I've been trying to figure this out, with hardly anything to get from it. I'll explain all that I've done with it, now:

-I recently cleaned my LCD screen with a damp paper towel, in retrospect it was probably too wet, as it dripped down the screen pretty fast before I could dry it (stupid move).

-The morning after this happened: while gaming, my LCD monitor (Soyo 24") started to flicker half-a-screen, and I experienced a huge drop in frame-rate (probably around 2 FPS). This continued for some time, until I finally had a chance to shut off the computer.

-At first, I thought it was my video card (EVGA 8800GT): I believe the temperature reading at the time of the problem was around 74 Celsius. I switched my 8800GT for my older 7600GT, and eventually experienced the same thing, except this time I was prepared. I had been watching my frame-rate while gaming, and when it occurred, the frame-rate kept around a steady 40 FPS, but was obviously much less than that from what I witnessed.

-Eventually, after some time waiting, I gave the computer another try, and it lasted for maybe two hours without a problem. It just happened again, with the 8800GT installed, and the same 24" Soyo monitor. This time, I turned the monitor off for a second, then turned it back on: the flicker had stopped. With a DVI connection to an 8800GT, does the 8800GT know when the monitor is turned off or on?

From another forum, a few users say that it may be a problem related to my power supply, or PCI-express slot. I think the issue of the power-supply being the problem isn't very likely, since it's an Antec 650W Triple-rail that's rated to SLI two 8800GTs (in contrast to my one), and it's no more than 8-months old.

As for the PCI-express slot, I'm not very sure. My motherboard is a popular model (Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L), so I'd like to think that it's not.

Please, does anyone mind helping me isolate this problem? Could it just be the monitor, or am I looking at a more serious problem right now? Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Just a little update:

    I now have two monitors hooked up, side-by-side. This is my way of testing whether or not the monitor is the problem or if it's something inside the tower itself that's causing this.

    Any thoughts, suggestions?
  2. I'd say just hook up the second monitor, not both
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