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can someone tell me if i burned my graphic card. wat happend is i upgraded my cpu to a q6600 and i have watercooling in my system so i took it off and put the cpu in. so i turned my computer on for a 2minutes without the watercooling (computer case open) because i though using the computer for 5min nothing would happen next i start smelling something burning i quickly turned my computer off and i notice a burn smell coming from my graphic card, which was very hot i took the gpu block off and put the standard fan on so i turn my computer on and there is no screen so im assuming i burned my card anyway to tell?
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  1. Try putting in a PCI card, and then hook it up to the monitor, then if when you look in the device mangler you see no other graphics solution on the PCI bus, then yeah it's fried.

    Sometimes your PC will give you post beeps to let you know if something is broken.

    Anywhoo, lesson learned I guess.
  2. Do you have another computer that would support your graphics card? Rather try your graphics card on another computer or try another graphics card on your computer.
  3. yes my graphic card works all i did is take the psu connector out for about 30mins and it started working. i think all i had to do is remove the cmos battery i should of tried that instead of having a panic attack lol. lesson learned. =]
  4. If you smelled a burn smell dont count on it lasting long, if at all under stress.
  5. second roadrunner, i do. It may seem to work okay, but things might change under stress.
  6. Get everything installed and load a demanding game and see what happens. If it works ok then I would play it until it goes out and replace it afterwards.

    Do some benchmarks with futuremark06 and see if it can make it thru them too. If it scores consistently and makes it thru the testing then consider yourself lucky atm...
  7. alright thanks guy anyone no alot about mobo. well i got everything running and then when the computer was loading a error sign came up saying error! to much current on usb please disconnect. computer will shut down in 20sec. i contacted asus they said that there static in ur case take the mobo out of ur case and out it on a flat surface but i did now i get no signal. im sure my video card is okay because it was working fine as second ago the mobo i have is the asus p5n-d should i return the mobo?
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