VisionTek - ATI RADEON HD3870 OC 512MB GDDR4 PCI Express Graphics Card

OK I bought a VisionTek - ATI RADEON HD3870 OC 512MB GDDR4 PCI Express Graphics Card -

I installed it in a new build:

Asus P5K-E
Intel E8400
Antec Nine Hundred

When I start Medal of Honor it works well for about two minutes and then the graphics card shuts off (Screen goes black, but computer is running). CLICK

So I installed an older ATI AIW 1900, started the game and everything was laggy and could see the fps at 400. Did a little homework and set the fps limit to 90 (seta COM_MAXFPS "90") in the config file. Lag went away and everything is hunky dory.

The question is should the HD3870 been able to handle the higher fps regardless? Basically, is something wrong with the card, or should I return it? Should the card just of clicked off like that or should I have gotten an error message?

Thanks to all that reply.
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  1. Whats your temps? Do you have the card seated and plugged properly?
  2. The CPU temperature was roughly 30C. I don't know the temp of the graphics card, but it was cool to the touch
  3. If I'm reading this correct how is 400 fps laggy on the old card? I ran MOH:AA full everything and ran smooth as long as I was playing it. Hope its not the card as the game looks beautful with it, but check everything out as was said just in case something isn't set properly. If all else checks out and you keep getting the BSOD then return the card for a new one.
  4. The card was properly installed and seated. It was the first thing I checked.

    What does BSOD mean?
  5. BSOD means Blue Screen of Death see the link for information on it.
  6. Well I have an Asus 3870 Oc (851/1153) and it runs great. The one bad thing is that I use the res. 1920x1200 so the 3870 has just a little trouble sometimes. What drivers are you using? I use 8.4. I have had no problems with the card. But im going to wait for the 4870s to come out before I upgrade.
  7. I bought a the same card you are talking about but I dont think it was an OC version. When I played movies it has horizontal lines in the screen and it wouldnt benchmark.

    I think something was wrong with the card so I took it back and ended up with the EVGA 9600GT instead. I probably could have gotten a second 3870 and it might have worked but Visionteks cooler fan is real large and caused me to lose my sound card on my media center setup. I didnt really like that so I went with the lower profile EVGA card.

    Good luck with the 3870. I hope its not a problem with Visionteks cards.
  8. Your the second person I seen with this issue on that same ASUS motherboard.
  9. Check with best buy for a price match. The price is down to $129. No idea how much you paid for it though.
  10. I have the VisionTek - ATI RADEON HD3870 OC 512MB also, bought it from bestbuy...for what it's worth, card runs fine, ran DOOM3/RoE a little bit, and intro from S.T.A.L.K.E.R ran okay...card's on an ASUS Maximus Formula/4Gigs Corasair8500.....maybe you got a bad card....
  11. You have any 3dmark06 scores?
  12. I got 10673 with 3Dmark06 (1280 X 1024) no AA. This with no OCing yet.

    Visiontek HD 3870 OC Edition 800/1150.

    I purchased from Best Buy, with 10% off coupon net price $ 116.00 . For the money nothing will touch this. I was going to wait for the 4800 series, but not now.
  13. I have extensively read - what is wrong with my HD 3870. We can argue if there is comething wrong with it later - the common fix was flashing the BIOS, but that didn't alwasy work and it would've meant that I had to roll back - BUT changing the config file in MOH worked like a charm.

    seta COM_MAXFPS "90"
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