Need some help please..I am confused..

Need some help for a little upgrade..I have searched but still confused...

my system

mobo: asus a7v8x-x
cpu: 2800+ barton
slot1: 256 mb pc 3200
slot2: 256 mb pc 3200
slot3: 256 mb pc 2700
win xp sp3

question 1: Going to add some ram. Can I add this ram ? Kingston-KFJ 1GB DDR-400, KFJ2887/1G ?
specs: Produktbeskrivning Kingston minne - 1 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR II
Lagringskapacitet 1 GB
Uppgraderingstyp Systemspecifika
Artikelnummer motsvarande OEM-nummer Fujitsu-Siemens S26361-F2887-L114, Fujitsu-Siemens S26361-F2887-E114
Formfaktor DIMM 240-pin
Minneshastighet 400 MHz ( PC2-3200 )

question 2: why does it say ddr II this ddr or ddr 2 ram ?

my manual says: 2 banks of pc3200 or 4 banks of pc 2700

question 3: Can I use 2x pc 3200 1 gig + 1 gig pc 2700, I assume it downgrades then automatically ?

Question 4: How do you see if a memory is 1 bank or 2 banks ?

Second problem: Planning on adding this new gcard

PowerColor Radeon HD 2600 PRO 512MB DDR2 ,AGP8X, DVI/Tv-out, 128bit

Question 5: Will it be supported and work on my mobo ?
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  1. dude i have no idea what mobo you have and its definaly time for a new computer. i would start saving and looking around at what to get for a new computer. unless you are just doing internet surfing your system in pretty bad shape.
  2. That's an ASUS Socket A motherboard.
    Memory Type DDR SDRAM, Number of Memory Slots 3 x DIMMs
    Supported RAM speeds 533 MHz • 400 MHz • 333 MHz • 266 MHz • 200 MHz , Max Supported RAM 3 GB

    Here are links to the spec's and manual on your MB.

    I would put 3 sticks (1GB x 3) of PC-3200 DDR Ram. total ram 3GB. Win XP will not utilize much more than 3GB. Also, if you put 2 PC-3200 and 1 PC-2700 they all three will run at the lowest sticks speed, in this case PC-2700.

    Yes, the video card will work but will probably bottleneck at the CPU.

    A complete upgrade is what you need!!!!!
  3. wow thats an old mobo

    V- ya i have to agree dallasjoh. from the looks of it it will probably be a buget build to.
  4. Yeah Barny, he needs a new system.
  5. New system would be the wisest course of action at this point.
  6. Amen, never upgrade old hardware if its older than you can count on 1 hand, you usually lose more money than its worth.
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