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I have a dectecing array black screen & can,t load windows at all what can I do????????????/
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  1. If you are trying to load XP onto a RAID volume onto new HDDs, you will have have to create the volume through the BIOS.
    -- First you have to set the BIOS settings for the HDDs to RAID.
    -- Save and Exit BIOS. Then, during the POST screens, you'll get a screen to create RAID array and volumes.
    -- Press "Ctrl+I" to creates the volume: RAID 0 or RAID 1, etc., select the HDDs and volume size.
    -- Save and Exit the BIOS.
    -- Load your XP installation media.
    -- Boot to the XP installation media.
    -- Press F6 to load your RAID driver (unless you added the driver to thea custom install using nLite).
    -- Load the RAID driver when XP asks for it.
    -- Continue your XP install.
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