Odd noise from brand new PSU (OCZ StealthXStream 600W)

Hey guys I need some help. If it's not a serious thing, I don't care then.

But, this weird noise usually appears a bit after I turn my computer on or play a game. It's like.. a glowy noise. I'm not sure how to describe it. It fades in and out really fast. Like a glow... imagine a glow how it goes up and down in sound. I think it's coming from the PSU.

It's not like my old PSU that was dying, everytime I turned that one on, it made a loud obnoxious noise until I smacked it. This is just a faint glow, but enough to hear it if it's silent in my room. The glow noise is pretty fast paced, and consistent, can go slower at times though.

I upgraded and bought a OCZ StealthXStream 600W PSU and a 9600GT 512mb OC. Everything is fine performance wise, not hot at all. Cool in the back.

Any ideas on what this is? If it's just how the psu is, I don't mind. But I didn't hear anyone saying that in the reviews.. maybe I missed it?

Did I connect something wrong???! I just hope it doesn't die or something is wrong.

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  1. Maybe high frequency coil whine...that's a harmless noise. I'd go ask the experts at www.jonnyguru.com because they are mostly focused on only power supplies, and you'll get good answers from the guys that do ps testing :)
  2. Another option might be a temperature-controlled cooling fan in the PS.
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