XFX 790i Ultra board worth $350?

For $350+ , XFX 790i Ultra board worth buying?
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  1. i think so, over here in Aust. they r going 4 over $520 last i checked. i think defiantly worth it....that is if u want tri-sli
  2. ^ If you want tri-SLI, then its worth it. If not, don't bother.
  3. what would be a better option since i plan on going with one gtx 280 (perhaps two somewhere in the future a few years).

    here's my current build wishlist...

  4. dont waste your money, intel is realesing a new socket for their nehalm processors in Q4 of this year or Q1 or 2 of the next. Your $350 board will be out of date by far in under a year
  5. there's always something new around the corner. i'm okay building for the yorkfield now knowing things will eventually (doubt things will be amazing with nehelam by quarter 1 in 09) but i've already been waiting to put this build together since april because of the gtx 280. i'm read to go!
  6. You may want to read some of the early reviews BEFORE you start building a system around the 280
  7. looks like it's not worth the price, but i really don't want to buy an oc'd 9800x2 either.
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