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I'm having a bit of difficulty in getting my IWILL KK-266 motherboard to work right. I've had it working for years with the Athlon 1.2 gig CPU with a gig of P-133 DRAM.

Back in mid-December of '07, the computer suddenly "rebooted" and said my Windows 2000 Pro O/S was "not there" :ouch: I have a 40 gig WD (37gig formatted) as "C"drive & an 80 gig (78gig formatted) as "D" drive.

Some have said the hard drive is gone, some say the power supply is gone. I'm getting a long then pause beeping tone and some have said the BIOS is messed up. I don't have the manual any more and I'm medically and mentally disabled (Dementia, arthritis, diabetic, & heart disease. So, I don't remember just where the BIOS "reset" is on the board. I did switch the "yellow, long handled, plastic jumpers. Now at least I have a "boot" screen, but it tells me that the 80-pin IDE drive cable is not hooked up..... Well, I've removed it from the board and re-plugged it back in. It WAS working before mid-December, but the screen display says it's not there and the BIOS "defaults" are being loaded, but then nothing happens.

Is the board "toast"? :cry: Is the 80-pin IDE cable "toast"? Am I just old and crazy? :??:

I've had some of the "locals" here tell me they would help me, but so far (since mid-December) no one has come or called me. :fou:

Can someone here help?

Thanks in advance,

Respectfully submitted,

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I've been in the Hospital for test to
    see why my brain isn't working as it should....Dementia and possibly
    having mini-strokes.

    I did replace the battery, but nothing. Same old long beep then it
    repeats it's self. :cry: So, the next thing is to get a small form factor
    case with a 500 watt power supply and have some one install the newer, Asus P5LD2-VM motherboard along with my other drives and I can load Kbuntu Linux myself.

    The Dr's don't want me doing anything strenuous or be out in this
    Louisiana Swampland heat and humidity. I'm not allowed to drive far, less than 5 miles a day, until 31 July, when I go back to the Clinic to have a CBC drawn again.

    Thank GOD, I get Medicare in October and can get away from this State teaching hospital!

    Thanks for your kind help.


  2. 1 long beep with the Award BIOS normally indicates a problem with memory. Try to reseat the memory sticks or possibly try just one stick. Good luck!

    (Old Fart In Training)
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