Help choosing case/power supply and SATA controller!

Which computer case/full tower it's best for me? If I need to store 10 or more Hard Disk Drives, along with this configuration? I don't know anything about cases.

And what is the best power supply in case I have almost 10 HDDs in the future?

- Q9450 Retail/box - Heatsink/FAN included
- Motherboard Abit IP35 Pro
- 2x 1 GB RAM
- Capture card Blackmagic Intensity Pro
- 8800 GTS 512 MB EVGA
- 2x Samsung Spinpoint 750 GB

- SATA 300 controller card on PCI-slot/storing 4 SATA-II HDDs (in the future I might take another 2 controllers, since the ABIT can have 3 PCI slots). I think I will choose this one:

Despite the fact that some people are telling me that I will have problems to edit/capture my videos using the Blackmagic since the PCI slot will make everything slower. Is that right? I don't want to use any PCI-E SATA controller because I will only have one slot and not 3 PCI-slots on my motherboard.
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  1. a HDD doesn't draw that much power. I assume you'd want some sort of RAID, otherwise you will only be accessing a couple of HDDs at a time, and therfore not use much more power than if you only had 2.

    Your Sata card doesn't look to be RAID controler.

    The best Raid controler I saw while looking for one used a PCIe x4 slot, so you might want to consider a new motherboard if you realy plan on making the most out of multiple HDDs.
  2. you can do 6 HDD with your current board w/o adding more cards if you use IDE for optical. plus you have some eSATAs to.
  3. I know but using PCI slots, I might add 12 aditional Hard Disk Drives. Total of 18 HDs.

    I assume e-SATA means = external HD, I don't want one.

    The problem using SATA controllers having PCI-E slots it's the fact that they are very expensive (this SATA controller using normal PCI slots is worth 50$ - a SATA controller having PCI-E is worth 200-300 $).

    And if you find one SATA controller using PCI-E and capable of storing more than 4 SATA-II/300 drives, it should be worth 500-1000 dollars. A single HD is worth less than 200 $.

    So, if I will use the Blackmagic capture card and a 8800 GTS 512 MB video card, I will only have one free PCI-E slot on the Abit IP35 Pro.

    That's why I need to know if it's a good idea to use this cheap SATA controller, and 4 Hard Drives on her.

    I might not use RAID. But one thing is certain - I will capture videos, not uncompressed I believe, but compressed without losses, this way I believe the image quality will be the same. Videos from my VHS tapes, analogic TV, camcorder and perhaps from the High-Definition TV, using a res. higher than 720x480.

    I don't know if this SATA controller using PCI slots/4 HDs will cause me any problems when I start to do this... I will also store many videos, so much space is required (6 HDs will not be enough).
  4. Sata is hot swapable.

    you can plug them in as needed. thats why eSata has come about.

    I assume you are some sort of a meglomaniac who wants to store the world or an incredable cheapskate who wants to reuse a pile of 10 gig drives scalvaged from computer found on the curb on trashday. either way, I doubt I'll get through to you with reason.
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