8800GTX Wont stop Screeching, Help pls.

I am heavily depressed.

My graphics card I believe is really screwed up. I went down to my kitchen for some food, come back up, and to my surprise i have some Error about nvcdp.dll or w/e.. (that isnt exactly the error name) and that error spammed my computer, there were around 100 of them, i had to mash Enter to get rid of them.

And on top of the my Graphics Card told me (on a message) that its power input was low so it was going to lower is power consumption. That error you get when the Gcard isn't receiving enough juice.

So, i turn my comp off, take my Gcard out and to my surprise there is a sprinkly of water on it from my water cooling, the water landed on the far end of the Gcard where the power connectors connect. I take it out, clean my system out, reconnect it.

Now, no matter what, when I turn on my computer my Gcard screams at me, that loud ring it emits. Won't stop. I consulted a few electric experts and they told me that there isn't enough current to really blow out my Gcard, and for it to be killed by water there would have to be a burn chip or something of that sort.

The fan still spins, it still turns on, but it gives me no display and always gives me that loud whine.

Is it dead? There is no physical damage at all, and no watermarks, could I return it to MSI?

My system now works because i have a nasty Radeon 1300 in it.

So.. Is my 8800GTX OC dead? or can it be fixed?
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  1. Try a different power connector... u did remember to plug that back in i hope?

    What water additives do u use? My sys leaked while it was on for about a week. Water pooled on the gfx card and ran down the pci slots LOL.
    Its still fine :)

    Maybe try another psu 1st?
  2. Well I need to find another PSU capable of running it :P None of my relatives have such PSU's and I gotsa no moneys.

    I will have to give that a shot. I don't see how my PSU cannot handle it randomly, I mean, It ran perfectly fine since October.

    Is there a Chance the Water that landed on the water made my PSU Weaker? I really don't want my G-card to be dead lol, such an expensive component to replace.

    As for water, I don't really know. Its green, and thats it. The bottle doesn't say anything other then its water from the "Stingray water cooling kit"
  3. Probably that water killed your PSU's 12V rail, or just simply fried your card. I don't know what experts you asked, but water on a card always means the possibility of frying it.
  4. Give it 24-48 hours of drying time.
  5. Clean your card as best as you can, leaving no residue. Clean your pci slots, again leave no residue. If that doesnt help, then you should somehow check all other componants, like mobo, psu etc because your gpu is the most costly part in your system
  6. On an 8800GTX there is plenty of power coming onto that card to fry it, i dont know what people have been telling you. Two PCI Express connectors carrying 20A each @ 5V thats a mighty bit of power. Having said that, if that much power shorted out somehow (due to water), there would be smoke or at least electrical fire smell, and your computer would have just shut off due to the load on the power supply.

    I would probably try the power supply.
  7. Someone remind me why i won't do water again?
  8. because of that
  9. That's also why, if you are using water cooling, you power the PC from a GFCI outlet.
  10. @Sacre, not to make light of your predicament, but @jay2tall: rofl.

    If the shrieking is due to insufficient power, then it could very well be the PSU that was damaged. If you need to get a new one, choose it from Tier-3 or better from the list at http://www.tomswiki.com/page/Tiered+PSU+Listings?t=anon.
  11. I was considering aqua cooling...but now I think I'll stick with air.
  12. I have had water leak on my 8800GTS and I just let it dry overnight after blowing everything out with canned air. Plugged it back in and WHAMO! worked just fine. ...except for that smell of coolant residue burning off...

    Need to get better hoses and clamps, dude.
  13. Alright, Well my PSU is the Antec Neo HE 550 with 3 12V rails @ 18A each.

    Thing is, on the back of the PSU you get 5 plugs you can plug your cables into, i had the 2 PCI connectors on 2 specific ports. Since the incident, i've tried changing the cords to the other 3 connectors on the PSU and i still get the error.

    If it were the PSU that blew, wouldn't it just be those 2 ports specifically? Or will it lack juice through any port that requires 12V etc..

    I don't know if you understand lol
  14. On the two modular PSU brands I've owned, the PCIe connectors plugged into specific jacks (color coded for them).
  15. only way you're gonna be able to find out is by 1. plugging the card into another computer, 2. trying another PSU with your system, or 3. trying out another high-power card in your system.
  16. halcyon said:
    I was considering aqua cooling...but now I think I'll stick with air.

    So will I.
  17. lol my Watercooling was supposed to stay outside my case, but for the 5 months of trustworthy function I decided to place it inside my case, The pump was actually leaking.

    Hmm... Do you think a local computer store would charge me a lot if I asked them to test my Gcard on one of their systems?

    I live in buttfook nowhere.
  18. Yeah, one time one of my fans sprung a leak and I got air all over my motherboard. I had to dry that out for days and even though i got new fans, they leaked air too !
  19. RC, I've noticed that anytime I've ever overclocked a cat with cat weed, the cat will shut down for an extended period shortly thereafter.
  20. If you blew the psu, it wouldnt be just 1 rail, its the whole enchilada. Put your tongue on it? JK, dont do that
  21. Water on the graphics card, man does that bring back memories!

    CRC QD Electronics Cleaner, [Can be acquired from any auto parts store] is probably the best thing on the planet to remove all traces of water and any deposits left behind by additives such as Water Wetter, which was what I was using at the time that exact same thing happened to me.

    CRC also makes an electric cleaner, which is not what you need, the QD Electronics Cleaner will not damage any substrates or plastics, on the graphics card or M/B, I had crud in my PCI-E slot that had to be cleaned out and the QD cleaned it to brand new in seconds.

    That power supply you listed is not adequate for your graphics card so you may as well prepare yourself to change it out.
  22. Its adequate, the 8800GTX only needs 30A of power, the NEo HE has 3 12V rails @ 18A each plenty enough, it supplied my Gcard with power for the past 5-6 months
  23. I'd really try to find someone that has a PSU that you can borrow, or just take it to a buddies house and borrow his/her PSU while you are there and try it out. That will tell you if it is the PSU or something else.

    If the PSU is fine, you will want to try your Video Card in someone else's PC and see if that is fine. If it's fine, then it could be your motherboard that got fried. You never really know with electronics.

    I remember talking to a guy that has a Dodge Ram like mine, well used to years ago, about transmission problems. He said he though his transmission was going out but ended up being his 3rd break light was shorting out causing his automatic transmission to act up. Ok, that's a real lame story but it goes to show what one bad electronic part can effect something totally difference. Electricity takes the path of least resistance, so if something shorted out it could have been past where the water hit and popped a resistor, transistor, capacitor, whatever along the way that got to much juice.
  24. Wellwhat you guys are saying is making me feel a little better, its giving me some hope.

    I live in buttfook nowhere so to get access to another computer that has the same power as mine is going to be hard. I might as well just go over to the local computer store and see if they have anything that could test my hardware out.

    I really do hope it is my power supply.

    So, i'll ask again in a simple way.

    I see computer screen, Graphics card not getting enough power, i get error. I turn off, take my Gcard out, see water on it. I dry off water, plug it back in. I get the loud beeeeeeeeeeee noise (Fan spins though) no matter how its plugged in. That noise is there to tell you it isn't receiving enough juice. I take it out, plug in a X1300, computer works fine.

    The X1300 though requires no PCIe plugs.. so it really isn't testing out the PSU.

    So, by reading that, what would you think is fried?
  25. Is it a BEEEE! like coming from the motherboard speaker beep? or is it an electronic sounding beep from the card?
  26. Its from the card, the 8800GTX has a tiny speaker on it that just screeches at ya, its a loud consistant BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and it doesn't stop till you turn off the computer.

    I believe it makes that sound because it isn't receiving enough power, it may be making the noise because the card is fried where the power input is, or my power supply has been shorted out to the point where it cannot output that much power anymore
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