New build won't format during install or boot from CD

I recently finished assembling a new computer, but I'm having issues getting Windows XP installed onto a SATA drive. First, here are the relevant specs

Asus P5K SE
Intel E6550
WD 320 GB Sata
LG IDE DVD burner

What I'm trying to do is boot from the Windows CD (in the DVD drive) and format/install to the SATA HD. The problem is, I get to the point where the install is formating, and it stops. It will let me select the drive to partition and the type of format (quick or normal), and start it. After that, it will to the progress bar and nothing will happen. I've tried both quick and normal, and neither will ever move past 0%.

After trying this a few times, I decide to try Hiren's boot CD, version 9.5. It has partition tools on it so I figured I could format/partition from there, then skip that section of the install, and hopefully skip whatever problem is coming up. The computer will boot to the point where it asks if I want to use the boot disc or HD, and I select boot disc. After that, it goes to a blank screen with a single blinking _ . It will sit there forever as well. I've used both the windows disc and Hiren's boot cd in other computers, so I know that is not an issue.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. Hiren's doesn't always work. On some pc's, it won't boot at all. However, a workaround is to use the older version. I think 9.4 would work for you.

    You can try:
    clear cmos - see manual for how
    go to bios
    load setup defaults
    exit & save
    go to bios
    set up boot device priority to:
    1 = CD/DVD
    2 = FLOPPY or HDD
    3 = HDD

    Disconnect any usb drive for now until after os is installed. Double-check your IDE master/slave jumper. It must be master. And the IDE cable's middle connector/end is not connected to anything.
  2. myself i have no problems with Hiren's
    it also has tools to diag the drive...
    might be a problem with it...

    my 2¢
  3. Also, try to disable AHCI (it is supported by Vista, but not XP) as it can cause boot/install issues. after install however you can turn it on if you wish.
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