Very unstable while playing games.

Friday 6. june, i got my new computer. Built it, installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1 and installed drivers for the komponents (including 0901 for the BIOS). After that i wanted to try how it worked in the new racing game, Race Driver GRID. It worked fine for some minutes, but then it suddenly crashed. By crash i mean the image froze and the sound that was playing, loops in a half-second long loop non stop.

So this is the problem i have used four and a half days to try and fix. With no success as you can see. I have tried to take out all the components, and reinstalling them again. Install Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP1, install XP 32-bit SP3 (with reformat off course). And also i have my ram in the black slots. And nothing has worked. I am using XP now, and it is far more stable now than it was on Vista. There it could even freeze on the destop. I guess this is because i used Aero theme and dreamscape wallpaper, as this uses a lot more of the computer's resources and graphic card.

But anyway, the problem is still the same. Just now i tried out Need For Speed Underground 2, and could play for about half an hour before the game crashed. Only this time it was a crash. This time i got an error message from the game, and that it had to be closed. The typical game-crash message.

GRID can last a bit longer now that I use XP, but still freezes my computer with a looping sound.I also tried Crysis when I had Vista 64-bit installed, but it froze too. Haven't tried it on XP though. At the moment I am installing Unreal Tournament III to see how that runs. And will update with the results.

I am not so experienced with this kind off problem, and how to handle it. So it would be much appreciated to get some unexperienced-friendly answers :) Atleast i think the system is unstable because of something i can fix on the motherboard. Like voltage etc. But again, I can be totaly wrong.

To sum up: The game freezes with looping sound and a frozen picture. And it looks like it happens quicker the heavier and more requiering game i play.

Thanks for answers!

System specs:
Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLI
Memory: Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2, 2x2048MB CL5 (5-5-5-18)
GPU: XFX Geforce 9800GTX (with latest driver)
HDD: SAMSUNG SpinPoint T166 500GB
CPU: INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400
PSU: OCZ TECH StealthXStream 600W
Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
0901 BIOS update
Integrated sound card (Realtek HD Audio)

Update1: I tried playing UT3 with max settings, in result i could only play for around 10 seconds. Will try to reduce everything to very low settings and see how long it will run then.

Update2: With graphic settings greatly reduced, i managed do play UT3 in about 15 minutes before it froze! I will now try and see how Crysis runs.
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  1. What kind of power supply do you have?
  2. This sound like either a PSU problem or that you may need to go into the BIOS and raise the voltages for the ram and perhaps the CPU. Inadequate power will cause slow downs or crashes. You didn't list the PSU, so can't make specific comment about it.
  3. first thing that comes in my mind is- what voltage do You use for memory? If it is on auto it is probably 1.8V, You need 2.1-2.2V
  4. Oh, sorry. Diden't really realise that the PSU was important. My PSU is:
    OCZ TECH StealthXStream 600W.

    I have everything on auto as i have not adjusted anything, nor do I know how to raise the voltage for the memory :S Can someone please explain to me how?
  5. That PSU is powerful enough, and a decent type.

    Maybe your video card is overheating? What kind of temperatures does it show in nTune? Do you have a good case with good cooling?
  6. Acctually now I found it in my BIOS. I tried changing the memory voltage to 2.17

    But if I want to use my sound blaster x-fi xtreme music, will I have to adjust something more?
  7. Hehe, overheating ain't the problem. I have Antec Nine Hundred chase, and i have used OCZ's thermal paste on the GPU. So the idle is about 55 celcius with the fan speed at auto. I will try how UT3 runs now after i increased the memory voltage. Is it needed to raise the voltage of the CPU also?
  8. If that is the GPU temp its great but if its the CPU, 55C idle is way too high, you have some CPU cooling issues if that temp is accurate. What temps are reported using Real Temp 2.6? You should have idle temps that are below 40C, if you have decent cooling your 100% CPU load temps should be in the 40s to low 50s.
    You didn't specify your CPU cooler, this is critical to your cooling and therefore your stability.
  9. I'm thinking maybe the OP meant 55 degrees under full load or while gaming... at idle, that's rather toasty.
  10. The cooling is fine. I have about 30+ idle cpu temperature. I raised the ram voltage to 2.17 and it still freeze. Only this time it took much much longer time. Tried UT3 with max graphic, and i played 10 minutes, then i exit by myself and tried Crysis. Played with all settings on very high (dx9 fix) and it froze after ca. 15 minutes.

    So it looks like the voltage is the problem. What do i need to adjust to get it stable now?
  11. Is this your RAM?

    Here's a quote from newegg:

    Pros: This RAM did so well with my Asus P5N-E and I was freaking when my Patriot Memory didn't work so well. This RAM is great, even at stock timings and voltage.

    I guess stock means 1.9V, 5-5-5-18 timings. Can you try that?
  12. I just did, and I also sat the CPU voltage to 1.25. The box cover to the cpu said "1.25V max" while says "0.85V – 1.3625V"
  13. I think that fixed it. Thanks for all the answer. It's very much appreciated.
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