pcie 2.0 & pcie 6 or 8 pin power connector

Since pcie 2.0 boards are supposed capable of delivering 300w to a x16 pcie2.0 slot, I don't really understand why a geforce 9800gx2 needs both a 6 and 8 pin power connector, or any other of the pcie 2.0 cards need any auxiliary power connectors for that matter - are they optional, and only needed on pcie 1.1 boards ? or are they mandatory, even if you have an x48 or 790i board?
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  1. dunno,... maybe because it doesn't work if you don't ;-)
  2. so you say, you're 100% it will not work without the connectors attached? or are you simply guessing?
    And if they don't work, I wonder why not, cause after all the pcie slot should be able to provide more than sufficient power to feed even the fiercest card on the marked.
  3. they may have 2 connectors to support backwards compatability
    it will work in a PCIE16 v1 slot after all... and it doesn't supply as much power as the PCIE16 v2 spec.
  4. I was just guessing, why else would they say you need it?
  5. okay, but the real question is, if it will operate normally without those two attached, in a pcie 2.0 capable motherboard? or if it'll squeak in that highpitch noise all genforce boards do when there's a problem with the auxiliary power? Anyone tried it? (I don't own a pcie 2.0 board or card, so I can't)
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