Upgrade from XP Home to XP pro

I'm trying to upgrade a home pc from XP home SP3 to XP Pro Sp3.

During the "Copying Installation files" right after I enter the serial key, I guy an error that states a file is missing, "aiygbspc.sys", onetime then next tine "a1ocoqi9.sys". The computer then goes to restart (after failing with RETRY or SKIP file).

Upon reboot I get a message stating system can't start because it cant find "aiygbspc.sys", or "a1ocoqi9.sys" !

I Gggoeld/Binged/Asked/Yahooed/Ansered the above file(s) with NO results from any of them?

Are these missing files the result of some virus?

I have recently/previously used this same install CD on other computers with no install errors!. So I would have to assume that it is not the cd

Does anybody know what these file are and how they are related to an XP install?

In all of my installations of XP Pro using this same CD I have never seen this error message nor have I seen a system not come up because of it!

Does anyone have any input or know ANYTHING about this?

P.S. I'm trying to upgrade this PC because it does not allow me to install net framework and I though the pro version might allow it!

thanks chris
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  1. The "file x cannot be copied" is fairly common. Usually you can solve this by going into the system BIOS and turning off AHCI mode.

    As to your P.S. .net will run on home as well, there are many programs that use it. If it does not install, there is some other issues you are having, but a clean install will not hurt to fix the issue if that is the way you want to go.
  2. Well this WAS a strange barrel of pickles!

    Not only would something generate a different "aiygbspc.sys" file at every xp Pro install attempt, (The last "missing file" was ad5uren4.sys.) after reboot the computer would still want to continue to do a xp pro install !

    Solved the install problem by going to the "win~nt " temp ditectory and then on to a file called "urupdrx.inf" and removed whatever fake "A*.sys" file that was supposedly missing. After removing that line from THAT " inf" file the xp pro install could complete.

    Still cant get net framework to load though!
  3. ok check this out . . this is the error message I got when the net framework 2.0 installation halted!

    Error 25007. Error occurred while initializing fusion.Setup could not load fusion with loadLibrary shim(). Erorr: 0x80131700

    wtf is that ??
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