Using ImageX to image 2 volumes

I am deploying a system with 2 volumes (a C: and a D: drive) and I want to
use imageX to back up the system to a .WIM file. How do I tell imageX to
image both volumes into a single .WIM file? Also when I go to "restore" the
image, or deploy the image, how do I get imageX to restore to both volumes
with minimal effort? Do I need to create these volumes on the host PC
manually or will imageX do this for me with the /apply switch?


MORE INFORMATION: Let's say that I have 2 partitions on the same hard disk, a drive C: and drive D:. I want to save that information on BOTH partitions to the same image file with imagex.exe. I will use the drive letter H: to represent my external USB hard disk...

I run this command first:
imagex.exe /CAPTURE /COMPRESS maximum /VERIFY C: H:\MyPC.wim "My Computer"

Then this command:
imagex.exe /APPEND /COMPRESS maximum /VERIFY D: H:\MyPC.wim "My Computer"


Then if I need to restore it all back,
imagex.exe /APPLY /VERIFY H:\MyPC.wim 1 "My Computer" C:

Will this work to restore everything back to drive C: and D: at the same time with all the paths and files intact?
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  1. Unfortunately WIM is designed to image specific volumes, not a series of volumes. WIM does support integrating various versions of the same image into one file, but again, not different drives.

    This is AFAIK though, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
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