XP Boot Screen Hangs with 2nd HDD

I just bought a Seagate ST3400620NS SATA HDD. I want to install it as a second HDD just for storage. I currently have a ST380815AS with the OS (XP SP3) on it as the primary drive. The PC (HP DC570 SFF) boots fine with only the primary drive installed. When I add the 2nd HDD the the system recognizes that I have added a 2nd HDD. It asks me to save the settings by pressing F1. I do that. The XP boot screens displays. The blue progress bar moves once and the system reboots.

I switched SATA connectors for the 2nd HDD but when I boot I get a message that I need to move the connector back to the original spot.

Then I thought maybe the MOBO (Hewlett-Packard 0A64h ) only supported 1.5 gb/s. Not the case. So I am totally stumped. I checked HPs website to see if there were any updates, and there was an advisory that a different model Seagate HDD might cause a similar sounding problem but no mention of the model HDD that I own.

I am stumped. Any ideas?
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  1. open up the bios setup and check the boot priority if you can. Apparently the second hard drive is being booted first?
    Or, there have been some bad seagate drives.
  2. So I bought a new WD 500gb drive and installed it no problem. I am currently using it. Fantastic. Happy. So now I am now sure that it is the Seagate that is the problem. The BIOS reads that HDD but XP won't boot with it installed. So after digging through the HP support pages it looks like there is a Firmware issue with similar harddrives (although my model is not included in the list). So my new question is, will the firmware problem still be an issue if I were to take this hdd and put it in an external enclosure and use as a USB back HDD? My guess is yes. I should probably send it back, but I will likely pay a restocking fee and if the hard drive is still viable via USB i would keep it.
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