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I just set up a new computer about a week ago and messed around with overclocking for the first time, mostly based on the guide on this forum.

So I got my E8500 to run at 4ghz (421 x 9.5 @ ~1.23V - currently set to auto) idling at around 39C; 54C is the highest I've seen under load running 2 copies of Prime95. This being the first time I've dabbled with all this, I don't feel particularly familiar with the ram settings so the first question is as follows:

My ram is DDR2-1066 (5-5-5-15) rated but I let my motherboard do it's auto setting for the ram (using a P5E Deluxe flashed to rampage BIOS) and it set the ram to 1010. Will messing with the ram settings noticeably increase my performance or is the current choke point the CPU/FSB?

Secondly, from what I can tell, I cannot change the multiplier through my BIOS but I've read that alot of people, for example, achieve the same OC by going 500 x 8. From my basic understanding this gets more out of your ram, if it can handle the higher FSB speed. Is this correct/is there some additional reason for doing this instead of what I did?

Thank you!
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  1. make sure its getting the required voltages... if its a 2.1v kit, the motherboard sometimes defaults it to 1.8v...
  2. It is set to 2.1.
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