4850's wierd OC problems

So this one has me pretty stumped so i figured i would bounce it off you guys

So i am trying to overclock my 4850's (in crossfire) using the CCC Overdrive Tool. However i am running into some really weird problems.

When i do any benchmark or game on the standard settings (without changing any of the clock speeds) everything runs fine, i could run the crysis benchmark all day with no problem. However as soon as i activate the Overdrive tool, even if i am underclocking the cards all hell breaks loose.

When running 3dmark 06 it will pass the first test with ease, but after it finishes the first test and tries to go onto the second test, the monitors go black until the inevitable BSOD, even though i underclocked the cards (lowered the core clock on both cards to 615 from 625 with temps never getting above 72)

Also whenever i do anything such as opening a program (GPU-Z) my screens will go black again, however after about a minute they will turn back to normal and windows will inform me that my display drivers stopped working, but no BSOD. Changing it back to default settings fixes this problem entirely.

Another thing, whenever i run the crysis benchmark test with default clocks it runs just fine, but as soon as i run it with any changes in clock speeds not only does the test fail to run but something in crysis gets corrupted and i have to reinstall the game to even play it.

I am running vista home basic 64, 2x2 gigs of ram (memtest stable), an e8400 @ 4.140 (9 hours prime95 stable), and the Gigabyte ep45-ud3p mobo. Sense my cpu/memory is stable and i can run everything fine with stock settings i am assuming that isn't the problem. I am going to go ahead and try reinstalling the drivers and try overclocking with rivatuner instead, but if anyone has any other ideas about what might be going on here i would love to here it

EDIT: I forgot to mention i am also running an OCZ 700w modular supply, so i don't believe that to be the problem either.

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  1. well after some more digging it looks like it might be the ATI drivers in dealing with dual monitors that are at fault

    Damnit ATI when are you going to get your drivers together?!?
  2. It might be your PSU, important is not only Watts but also Ampers (Overclocking CPU normally rises those numbers like hell, i cant give you some acurate info about that but a dual core at 4140 seems quite high.
    Among other problems you might have:Vista 64,OC CPU and Catalyst compatibility Issues.
    So post waht Catalys you are using (you should at least be runnning 9.x)
  3. lol resurrected!!

    But regardless the problem was with the ccc. I used ATI Tray Tools and everything went smoothly.

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