Running super hot!!!!

every time i try to overclock my CPU my temp go to about 95 degrees c from about 60ish but i should have much lower with my cooler which is a arctic cooler freezer extreme so it should not be any were near that what wrong the only thing i cant think of is that i didnt clean of all the old thermal paste before installing (the new thermal paste was already on the bottom but had not idea if it was too much/little. what could be causing such a huge amount of heat?
motherboard:foxconn 680i N68S7AA-8EKRS2H
PSU:750 watt
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  1. 1. What program are you using to check temps, what is your cpu etc.
    I always say get a 2nd opinion, try a few other temp programs see if all claim same temps.
    2. Make sure you applied Thermal paste correctly and that your HSF is all the way down securely....
  2. You didn't even tell us your cpu lol. If you have an intel CPU, use Realtemp, it is the most accurate.

    What clock are you taking it up to?
    What voltage?

    You're not giving us nearly enough details.
  3. doomsdaydave11 said:
    You didn't even tell us your cpu lol. If you have an intel CPU, use Realtemp, it is the most accurate.

    What clock are you taking it up to?
    What voltage?

    You're not giving us nearly enough details.

    good point im using a Q6600 stock speed vcore 1.264
  4. oh and the oc i was trying to get was 1333FSB 3GHZ
  5. D/l Core temp and Real temp programs and see what temps are with it, report back what they are idle and full load ok, then we can go from there...

    Arctic Cooling Freezer = same stupid Intel push-pins

    suggest you read -- and heed -- what this guy says:

    Lots of HSF manufacturers likewise heeded same and now offer LGA775 bolt-thru kits for the stock Intel HSF e.g. we use this one with our Intel 640 CPU and it runs as cool as a cucumber in Iceland:

  7. > You're not giving us nearly enough details.

    Yes, he did (see above) :)

  8. idle 40-55 burden 55-70
  9. Ok Dr. Last time bud.... download core temp, get reading ont it, post Core temp reading idle and full load, 2nd download Real temp program, post Idle and Full load, we can go from there, an OC on a 6600 is as easy as changing FSB to 333 thats it.... ok man hehe
  10. core temp idle cores rangeing from 45- 54 under load 60-69
    the other temps are for real temp
  11. Take off the HSF, make sure paste is on good, and refasten HSF down good, Should do the trick...
  12. You probably are ballpark range on temps at around 45-50ish with a Q6600 at would like to see closer to 40, depending on ambient temps.

    Sharken is correct with the simple flip from 266 to 333 to make the jump to doesn't require a voltage change. If anything, remove the heatsink, clean the CPU and HS with some rubbing alcohol, reapply a thin layer of paste, and re-seat the heatsink. Might give you a few more *C on those temps.
  13. The thing is with my cooler i should get really low temps idle about 20ish?
    so i dont see how a reseat could make althat difference anyone else have the same cooler? what are your temps?
  14. 20C? I highly doubt that, even at idle, unless you have a very cold room. I installed that same cooler for a guy with the same CPU (q6600) and I think he was getting about 41-43C at idle average on all cores. I think he got to about 63C at load.

    At idle, watercooled and clocked at 3.6, my q6600 is sitting right now at about 33C, and the room is somewhat warm after my machine being on all day. So, that being said, I don't see how you would get those temps...did you see some reviews on that cooler getting those temps? And what were the ambient room temps from those results?

    Reseating the cooler (after cleaning and reapplying thermal paste) can give you a better contact between the IHS of the CPU and the cooler, and getting the correct amount of thermal paste will allow for far better heat transfer between the metals.
  15. thanks guys reinstalled now getting 17-25 idle and 35-42 under load
  16. i am finding quite alot of variation in temp from core to core such as idle 17 on one 25 on another is this normal?
  17. Yes, typically you will have random cores picking up threads (even at idle) and processing them for a second or 2, then dropping them. I would say, if you are running a bench program, like Prime or something, you should see pretty similar load temps...if so, you should be OK regardless of idle temps.
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