Forceware 175.12 Beta Relase from Nvidia

Try it out!
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  1. Do they have the XP 32bit yet?
  2. Doesn't look like they have XP support :(
  3. Its for the new 3Dmark. Doesnt work in DX9. I was just hoping for more drivers, my 174.74s are a lil buggy, but they do run great when they run heheh
  4. If it is true it does not support/boost DX9 and/or XP then what good is it to the 99.999% of most of the worlds computer users?

    Sounds like worthless crap.

    Basic rule of thumb:
    All public BETA software (from any company...or game patchs) are for unpaid testers to suffer though becuase the company hosting it is too damn cheap to -pay- people to test it.

    Only install OFFICAL software/game patchs and avoid problems and let developors -pay- people who went to school for the project involved.
  5. Its for all those important bungholio marks
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