Systemroot/windows/system32/autochk exe program not found

i start my computer and then I get this blue screen with the following systemroor/windows/system32/autochk.exe program nt found skipping autocheck and then the screen stays blue and dI can't ge past it. what can I do? thanks,
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  1. That screen message at startup is relatively harmless. That is the Windows "dirty bit" check of your hard drive, checking to see if the computer was improperly shutdown recently. If the dirty bit is set, Windows will run ChkDsk before Windows starts up.

    I have had horrible experiences with chkdsk running at startup in the past. I used to be stupid and ran giant RAID 0 striped arrays, until chkdsk decided it didn't like my RAID and made about 60,000 "corrections" before I returned to my computer from getting my morning coffee (maybe 4 minutes). It totally destroyed the partition tables and was walking through my disk at full speed writing what it decided was the fix. Need I say everything on the drive set was gone. Now I run Mirrored arrays and autocheck is turned off.

    If Autocheck doesn't run, it may be doing you a favor. If you suspect your drive needs to be checked for errors, do it manually and sit there and watch it work. If it starts making a correction, indicating a problem with Sector X, which increments at a rate of speed faster than you could ever hope to read, it's time to do whatever it takes to stop the machine.
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