Horizontal to vertical conversion. (Hardware, not software)

Hi, I want to run windows on my monitor is vertical mode. I am aware of software that does this, as well as video cards that offer such settings.
The only drawback with software methods is that it creates a lag in the display while the software does the conversion calculations.
I was wondering if I swapped some wires in my monitor cable if the same result could be achived. IE H sync was swapped with V sync.

The next question would be, if windows offers monitor settings for horizontal screens, where could I edit to change these settings so I could create my own vertical settings?

Regards Benny
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  1. if you have a monitor that can do this, you should of recieved a driver disk, then when you rotate the screen the driver should detect and rotate the screen accordingly.
  2. just switching the wiring in the connector wont work.. I can promise that.

    what you need is a "pivot" monitor. they used to be made by Radius, now not sure who makes them, but I am sure they are still avail.
  3. my Dell 21 inch widescreen does this... portrait mode when i turn the monitor.
  4. there are two versions of the 21 inch, i have the earlier version with the 4 input ports (VGA, DVI, S-video, component)...
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