Large Pc problems need help!

I'm having big problems with my computer. First off here are the specs:
tagan 1300 watt power supply
790i ultra mother board
tj10 esa edition case
corsair 1600 mhz 4 gbs of ram 2 2gb sticks ddr3
2x western digital raptors 74 gbs 10 k rpm in raid 0 stripe
1x seagate hard drive 500gb 7200 rpm
xfx 9600 rpm
pioneer blue ray drive
lite on drive
qx 9770 3.2 ghz cpu

The bios is extremely slow. I have no idea's just runs at a snails pace and when I press a key it has like a 3-4 second delay. Next, now I'm not sure if this is a problem or not but when I set my hdd in raid 0 stripe they seemed to disappear from the list of drives that show up when the comp boots up and when a website comes up and says detecting drives it says none. Also when I try to install windows xp (which also runs way slower than normal) It always ends up saying that it could not finish because it didn't detect any hard drives which is wierd. And yes I set the raid 0 stripe to the booting hard drives. Since then I have been welcomed with even more problems for instance at random points in the start up process it will just stop. The temperatures are fine. All the hardware is put in fine. All these aren't even all the problems sigh. I don't know what to do and I could really use some help.
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  1. Unplug all drives (opticals also). Check speed (should be fine).
    If it's not you got a problem with the board (you can try reflashing the BIOS).

    Plug in one drive (Seagate) and check BIOS speed (should be fine again).
    If it's not this drive is having problems.

    Now plug in just the two Raptors. Make sure they are in SATA port 0/1 and SATA port 1/2.
    Rebuild the RAID 0. If BIOS is slow after that it's the RAID that's causing the slowdown.

    The fact that XP setup is not detecting your Seagate drive means your RAID settings are probably faulty so make sure its unplugged while you are rebuilding your RAID 0.

    When XP setup asks if you want to install additional drivers before setup continues you have to press F6 (on the first screen XP setup shows after boot).
    You also need a driver floppy disk to install XP to RAID (a problem lately since noone buys floppy drives).

    Nice rig btw.
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