xfx 8800gt xt VS xfx 8800gt 1gb

Im looking into buying one ( at the minute then sli in future ) of the above cards.

My problem is I do not know which is the best card.

The XT model has half the RAM, but has a faster core clock and memory clock. ( 640 and 1.9 ghz compared to 600 and 1.8 ghz )

Any suggestions on which is the better of the 2 cards?

Here are links to both the cards.

XT - http://www.xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?series=GeForce%26trade%3B+8800&productConfigurationId=1908855

1GB - http://www.xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?series=GeForce%26trade%3B+8800&productConfigurationId=2131989

Also, Ive read a lot on the web about the 9600gt vs the 8800gt and chose the 8800gt. Is this the best choice?Just been looking at the 9600gt alphadog.

9600gt Alpha - http://www.xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?series=GeForce%E2%84%A2+9600&productConfigurationId=2277570

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  1. Unless you are playing at ultra high resolutions 1Gb of VRAM is not necessary.
    You will get the best performance from the factory overclocked 512Mb version
  2. And even at the ultra high resolutions, the 1 gig of ram will still not be fully "effective" since there is only a 256 memory bus. I would personally go for the XT of the ones you listed. It is going to give you the fastest performance.
  3. Do you guys think im doing the right thing going with the 8800gt over the 9600gt?

    I know they are a few £ more expensive but they seem to get much better benchmarks.
  4. Get the 512 8800GT over the 1Gb one. Wave your cash to buy your dog a good meal.
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