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XFX 780i Problem

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June 11, 2008 11:31:11 AM

Ok so basically I just built this bitching new system about a month ago:

XFX 780i Mobo
E2180 @ 3.2 GHz (400x8)
8GB Ram
Windows XP x64

Everything has been going great with it until today. I reformatted last night and then today I began reinstalling all my stuff and then restarted following a windows update and then got a bunch of cyclical rebooting. I pulled the CMOS battery and then shorted the jumper and rebooted and reset all the BIOS stuff and it booted fine. This kept occuring occassionally throughout the day. Then I was palying some CoD4 tonight and I accidentally unplugged my keyboard and it wouldn't work when I plugged it back in so I did a reboot and got this error again. Now its worse though. I got the cyclical reboot and pulled the CMOS and now it wont POST. I can't tell whats going on because the XFX logo is on by default. Also, I pushed the DEL key for the BIOS on the splash screen and left to get some water and when I came back it had finally gone into the BIOS, like a laggy POST if you will. Can someone tell what the **** is going on? I just dumped 1100 on this thing and in one day the thing its **** for no reason. Can someone help me?

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June 11, 2008 9:58:49 PM

sounds like its time to rma. sounds like one of the updates for vista messed it up( i almost had that happen just had to boot into safe mode and uninstall the update that was causing the problem. i already had a good idea which one was messing up my 680i) and then when you messed with the bios you kinda finished it off. its only been a month you can still rma it from ether where you bought it or from xfx.
June 11, 2008 10:24:31 PM

Yea that will probably fix your problem.
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June 12, 2008 12:31:51 AM

Well firstly I'm on XP x64 and secondly now its working again. It's just that it occassionally gives that error. In fact I'm wondering if it's overheating...after letting it rest all night its now up and running fine. It's like its stable once its in the OS but not during the POST tests. I don't think it could be overheating because the times I can get it to load into the BIOS when I'm having the problem the cpu is running at 40-45 C. This is so odd. I also notice the POST code when it freezes on the XFX splash is 52 meaning its memory testing. I pulled all but one stick out but it didnt help. I find it so hard to believe this is random.
June 12, 2008 4:40:18 PM

have you run memtest? that will tell you if its your memory. other than that it still sounds like your mobo might be defect.
June 22, 2008 2:08:32 AM

Nah now I can't even get past the splash screen. It wil eventually load the BIOS but then it hangs at the BIOS.
June 22, 2008 7:44:16 PM

The part where the bios took forever could have been Nvidia memtest running.