Problems with MB?

Hey all,

I have GIGABYTE P35-DS3L (rev 2.0)
with 4GB of OCZ REAPER (4x1GB, 800MHZ)

Intel Dual core E6750, not over clocked, yet with Zalman cooler.

this runs with 2x Seagate/Maxtor 320GB SATA II,
and 2 ASUS Optical drives (DVD + DVD-RW) also conected in SATA.

Today something happened:
I turned on the machine, and it got stuck after the memory test.
well, not stuck.. I waited for about 2 minutes until the next line appeared ("detecting IDE devices..")
and additional 5 minutes until it continued.

this was the thired try, as in the first & seconed it stucked.

can it be a problem with the M/B?
In addition, now the computer stucks in windows (XP) every few minutes, for couple of secondes and than it continues.

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  1. First thing, clear the bios.
    Test the memory with memtest86+.
    Try a different power supply.
  2. Yea, clearing CMOS wouldn't hurt. If that doesn't reslove the issue, I'd also check your memory with memtest like evongugg also suggested and download Seagate's HDD diagnostic tool and check your two hard drives. I'd check the PSU last.
  3. Looks like you might be having problems detecting the hard drives.
    Seagate has some good diagnostic tools at their website.
    If resetting the bios works then you are set. If not the next thing I would check are the hard drives and their connections.
    Do you have a sufficent PSU? What are the specs?
  4. Did you set the memory voltage to 2.1v?
  5. Hey all,

    Important to say that the computer worked fine at the same config. during the past 6 monthes.
    this problem came in suddenly.
    I think it's the MB since It got sruck BEFORE the "detecting IDE devices".

    it halted for 2-3 minuted, than it said "detecting IDE devices.." than addition few minutes.

    important to say that in one of the tries, it showed only half of the row of the memory check.
    I mean - it showed only untill the numbers (can't remember what it says there)
    than got stuck.

    (if it would happen under windows, I would say it's VGA adapter)
  6. Hell, update the BIOS, see what happens.
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