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Let me start of, that I am a complete noob when it comes to networking and hard drives setup. That out of the way, I purchased a WD Caviar Black 1TB and wanted to replace my old Seagate 250gb drive. I tried cloning the drives but something went wrong during the process and my old HDD wasnt able to boot to windows even in safe mode, it would go to bsod stating that it was equal or less than something, I forgot :/, so what I did was I formatted the new drive and stuck it in, and it works. Now here comes my question, how do I retrieve all my data from the old drive and copy it over to the new.

I ended up formatting and doing a fresh xp 32bit install on the WD drive.
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  1. Install the Seagate as the slave drive or cable select, depending upon your specs and see if it shows up. If it does, you can copy/paste whatever files you want from the Seagate to the WD.
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