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My wife started her computer yesterday and the set up vista window screen appeared. I used my vista recovery disk from neosmart and chose the repair option. It went smoothly, restarted, did a chkdsk, restarted again and it went back to the vista set up window. I ran the recovery disk again and it now it asks for a winre login and pw. When the disk was starting up I saw a msg. saying could not hand off bios...or something to that effect. I pulled the hd and was able to recover everything we needed. The operating system shows in recovery and everything seems to go fine until I restart and vista set up appears. Anyone have any ideas? Virus? Hd failure? Thanks!
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  1. now that you've recovered your data, wipe the drive and do a fresh install of windows.

    Here are detailed step by step instructions with pictures:

    How Do I Perform a Clean Installation of Windows?
  2. I understand I can do a fresh install but Id really like to repair it. I have not seen much online regarding this issue. The mbr was rebuilt. Id like to find the cause in case its a mb or hd issue before doing a fresh install and wasting countless hours of my time. Thanks for the reply.
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