Grrrr.... M2N SLI won't boot after processor upgrade

Ok.. just upgraded from a 4200 X2 to a 9600 Phenom, now my PC won't boot :(

It runs for a few seconds and powers off.

What I have tried so far:

Unplugged everything except video card, HD, MoBo and all fans

Cleared the CMOS by removing the battery and switching the jumpers and then back again

Removed and re-installed the CPU

Nothing works :(

I'm guessing it may be that I need to update my BIOS... BUT.. I sold my old processor already. Is there any way I can update the BIOS now??? Or is there another possible cause? Everything was working perfectly until I switched to the new processor.

HELP ME!! I'm missing out on work and more importantly the new COD4 maps!!!

Thanks in advance for any help ;)
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  1. yes you need to update your bios. if your board will get to post it you should be able to flash the bios. other than that. well do you have friends that have amd processors that you could borrow one?? it does not take long to flash a bios.
  2. Yep that's definitely your problem. And depends on how long your PC will stay running as to whether you'll be able to update your BIOS. If you can get into your existing BIOS, then you might be able to flash it.
  3. Unfortunately I can't even get to post.. everything powers on for 3 seconds and as soon as the drives start to spin, it shuts down. I'm hoping I can still update the BIOS.. I will try and borrow a processor to do that.

    Should I just download the new BIOS to a bootable CD and run it that way? Hopefully the drives will run with the different processor.
  4. well if you get a processor that will boot up yes you could do it that way. but most of the files are for floppys( i think)
  5. As easy as this sounds.. I had the same prob. Took the side off the case and looked under the hood.. Found out my ATX connector wasn't plugged in.. Big DOH!! (on my part)
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