KingstonEthernet Card for Windows XP

I am running Linux Ubuntu and Mepis and Windows XP. on the same computer. I have NO problem in Ubuntu or Mepis. but in windows I cannot get an online connection. The device manager shows the Ethernet connection is not working. What can I do. I cannot run a Driver finder because I cannot get on the Internet in Windows.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Dick Barmann
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  1. You got here somehow.

    Your question is asking for someone with a crystal ball to see what they can do.
    Mine is dim right now.

    To say it's a KingstonEthernet Card for Windows XP is meaningless, unless you expect someone to post drivers for every Kingston card ever made, not likely.

    What's the model number?
  2. Sorry about that. I am having a bad week. Medically. Model # is KNE120TX.
  3. Go to the link below. Download the 120_20a.EXE and copy it to a flash drive.
    Install in your no-internet computer.
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