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I have a CompaQ Deskpro En with a Pentium 111 Processor with a Intel R 82815 Graphics Controler. I know there is alot better OS out there but right now this works fine for me, just getting in to Computers. My problem is my Monitor started to show black closing in that I could not adjust out, so I bought a new Monitor it is a 19 inch Westinghouse L1975NW LCD Monitor my old one is a Compaq S710 15 inch CRT Monitor. My trouble is the new Monitor is still a little fuzzy after all the adjustments are made. The computer shop is saying I should get a new Video card to support the new resolution which is 1440 x 900, my old one is much less. I have downloaded all the driver updates to my 82815 Graphics Controller and still my screen is still a little fuzzy. My question is how do I find, install a new video card I do not know what to look for or where it might be located, or could somebody tell me what direction to go in I like the size of the new Monitor .
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  1. Without looking, just guessing here, not sure if youll find a card thatll do that resolutionfor that , I believe thats a 4x agp system at best. Plus it wont perform very well, and itll most likely be expensive. You need a new rig, just keep the monitor
  2. I think you meant a Pentium III.
    It should have an AGP slot. We need to know from you if it has this slot.
    Google pictures of it.
    It is the first slot close to the CPU.
    What you can get depends on your power supply. We need to know the Watts total and on the 12v rails on the label inside the computer.,1805.html
  3. Are you running the native resolution of 1440x900 in the Display Properties, settings tab?

    Can you give us more information on your computer, model #, if it has an AGP port or not?
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