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There is something wrong with my computer because when i turn it on it stays on the title screen and when i press a key beeps. I need help.
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  1. More info please.
  2. Fetal said:
    More info please.

    When I turn it on it stays at the beginning title all day and it doesnt do anything. When i try to press F10 for system recovery it just beeps. It also beeps when i press anything. This morning I was able to access it and use my computer but when i shut it down and tried to turn it back on it stayed on the title screen again.
  3. Do you get to the windows splash screen?

    Do you have an XP disc?
  4. I never tried f10, but f8 that is, without disc.

    Are you trying recovery from disc?

    your computer specs? new or old?
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