Problem formating my ide 250 gb hardrive HELP PLEASE!!

i bought a western digital IDE HDD 250 GB for my 12in Powerbook G4, i placed it in an external enclosure so I could use Carbon Copy to copy my HDD on to it and then swap it out. however, everytime I conenct it to my powerbook, it says this device cannot be used on this computer. so I go to disk utility to format and erase it but its shows up as a 2TB HDD( which it certianly is not) and then jus freezes in the process of formatting it.

can someone please help me with this problem
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  1. any input on this
  2. Was gonna suggest it was formatted wrongly as MACs use a different file format to windows but if you tried to format it dunno, maybe grab some drivers from western digital and see?
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