Couldn't Enable CrossfireX ..please help..

Dear All...

Anyone have tried running Gecube 3870X2 X-Turbo OC Ed crossfirex with single 3870 ddr4 OC ed ? It's been a week i've tried to enable them ..but i'm hopeless now..Trying to install the catalyst (driver) with many ways could not make them the catalyst always shown warning : one of interconnection bridge not insert properly...etc..etc...?? i think i've insert correctly..and change to the new one didn't solved the problem..warning always GPUZ and Catalyst has detected 3 GPU but only X2 crossfire enable..and the single 3870 of my friend told me that X2 couldn't CFX with single 3870 because different core ..RV670 and RV 680..but in the amd web it said that should i need a help to advice what should i do to make them work ..? or maybe my friend are correct ? thanx in advance all...
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  1. Please provide more info on system, MB, driver version etc. Until then try these links.

    Definate read:

    The AMD/ATI site has a matrix of the supported cards. In general I believe that a hd 3870x2 and a hd 3870 are supported with the 8.3 driver. The cards will run at the same freq settings for mem and ram. Start at default settings. CCC should allow an auto tune to oc both cards to again the same oc'd settings . You will have to enter the bios the enable the GPU+GPU2 depending on your MB and then the CCC to enable the Hybrid feature.

    Really! read the Anandtech article it will likely answer all of your questions.
  2. You must be running Vista as well, otherwise CrossfireX will not work.
  3. From ATI:

    How Is ATI CrossFireX™ Different From ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™?
    ATI CrossFireX™ enables two or more discrete graphics processors to work together to improve system performance in both Windows® XP and Windows Vista®. ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ specifically refers to the ability to boost system performance by allowing a discrete graphics processor and an integrated graphics processor to work simultaneously in a Windows Vista® environment.

    1. ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ Technology is only supported with Windows Vista® operating system, and is not available with Windows® XP operating system.

    2. ATI Radeon™ HD 2400 supports only ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ technology and ATI SurroundView™ technology.

    He is using two discrete cards.
  4. @topper : here's my spec : MSI X48 Platinum, PSU SS ST850, Intel QX6850, Corsaair DDR3 1600, OS Vista Home Prem SP 1, Cat 8.4, Swiftech Water Colling..weanwhile i will read the link that you gave..thank you..
  5. You have a very nice system. I would make sure that you have the newest bios before you get rolling.

    This is a link to their article read it before you start and follow their instructions rather than mine if they state something diff to set this up.

    Anandtech has done several articles on this. You might have to poke around to find all of your answers. I think that basically it goes like this. First read below as Anandtech states a different procedure. I know that you are a couple of steps ahead. The primary vc is installed, boot, bios settings set to allow pcie primary boot and communication between vc1 and vc2, windows sets up vc1, uninstall driver, shutdown install vc2, reboot, windows finds and install vc2, install Cat 8.3 or above set CCC to crossfirex, reboot. I think that should be it. WARNING!!!!! according to anandtech if you want to remove vc2 you must deselect/turnoff crossfirex in the CCC FIRST, then shutdown and remove the card.

    From the article:

    How to Not Have Issues
    To make sure this doesn't happen, when installing CrossFireX, here is what we suggest:

    1.Install Vista SP1 (this is easier/better than installing the required hotfixes)
    2.Uninstall old drivers first
    3.Reboot and let windows install a standard VGA adapter (or cancel if prompted for drivers)
    4.Power down and install the second (or additional two or three) cards
    5.Boot and let windows finish finding new hardware
    6.Reboot and let windows finish finding new hardware (if it needs to)
    7.Install Catalyst 8.3 or higher
    That should keep you safe, in our experience. It's a serious headache to fix the problems once they start, as simply uninstalling doesn't fix the issue.

    How to Fix It (Spring Cleaning)
    Just in case, here's what you'd need to do if you find the driver times out on install. Please be cautious with this procedure and do not remove any software devices, as they can be difficult to reinstall without reinstalling the OS.

    1.Start up with only one card in the system
    2.Uninstall ATI drivers through the control panel -> add/remove programs
    3.Reboot into safe mode (press F8 at boot)
    4.Open a command window with admin privileges
    5.Run these commands from a command prompt:
    -set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    -start devmgmt.msc
    6.Enable show hidden devices
    7.Uninstall all display adapters listed (present or non-present/hidden - they appear slightly faded); make sure to check the box to remove driver files if possible
    8.Uninstall any non-present/hidden "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" devices from system devices. It may also help to uninstall other non-present hardware, but be careful about software and non plug-and-play devices (don't remove them).
    9.Reboot normally
    10.Let windows finish finding new hardware
    11.Power down and plug in all new hardware
    12.Boot and let windows finish finding new hardware
    13.Reboot and let windows finish finding new hardware (if it needs to)
    14.Install Catalyst 8.3 or higher

    When you get this all together post a 3dmark06 score or pm me. I'll bet you get a very high score after you get it oc'd. Remember the warning about deselecting crossx first before removing vc2.....Good luck.
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